Life Is Strange Episode 1 Complete Gameplay Walkthrough

One Angry Gamer "There are a couple of walkthroughs available for the recently released game from Dontnod Entertainment, the same folk behind the terminally forgotten Remember Me, giving gamers a look at the multiple-choice gameplay for the title Life Is Strange."

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masterfox1414d ago

I will wait for all episodes come out, I hate this episodic cr#$ap one by one thing!

ninsigma1413d ago

I think it makes for more excitement. Haven't played episodic games yet but I'm currently downloading the wolf among us so I'll know soon.

Grap1413d ago

I can tolerate episodic, what i hate about there's no schedule for the next episode unlike tv shows have full schedule.

georgenancy1413d ago

this game despite its many flaws,i somehow managed to finish it cannot wait for part 2

xfiles20991413d ago

I really liked this game The only thing that bothered me was there was no audio lip sync besides that great game.

WizzroSupreme1412d ago

Pardon my dumb pun, but this game always looked so...strange to me, but never so much that it drove me off. It's the Remember Me that deserved to be told more than played and it looks like Dontnod got it (kinda) right in concept this time.