10 Reasons America Does Gaming Best

CheatCC says "America may not have been the first to revolt, but by God we are still the best when it comes to revolutions. And nowhere is that more evident than in the world of video gaming. Oh sure, the Japanese have tried to take the title from the reigning champ, and the Canadians have tried to launch an assault from the North, but they have not succeeded. General George Patton said it best. He said of Americans, “the thought of losing is hateful.” He went on to say that he wouldn’t give a hoot in Hell for a man that lost and laughed. And he was right. We the people of the United States started the started video game craze and even though others have come along, we are the undisputed champs when it comes down to it. Here’s why."

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DarkOcelet1411d ago

I really am confused, this article is either satire or written by a child. Pick one.

Relientk771411d ago

Guy has a submachine gun and RPG while riding a velociraptor that's waving a flag


LightDiego1411d ago

The article has a picture of Fez, now i know it's sarcasm.

level 3601411d ago

Greed with a hint of green is indeed good?