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HSR's Ian Childs writes:

'Let’s start with a confession: I never played the original Grim Fandango. I have a copy in a box somewhere but it never made it into the 8x CD Rom drive of my Pentium and so remained unplayed. I was in my teens during the golden years of Lucasarts and played most of the classics, such as the Secret of Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle and Sam and Max Hit the Road, but Grim Fandango has always been an unscratched itch; a game I know I should have played but somehow never did, drifting away to Civilization and Football Manager instead.

The remastered release gave me the chance to approach the game with a different type of nostalgia than many other reviewers. I like the genre, and know this is regarded as a classic, but as a game itself I could play it with fresh eyes and judge how it has aged, see if it would still stand up in what is a very different gaming environment to its initial release, and finally scratch that itch.

Unfortunately I was never given the chance to properly do so.'

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