Techland, PewDiePie and ethical standards

Companies in any field regularly pay for advertisements. It's a given at this point that in order to optimally promote a product, you need an external source to use as recommendation, preferably one that has a large following that will guarantee decent sales. Yet, surely Techland paying a prominent Youtuber and then using his glowing review as a means to dictate further sales is anything but ethical.

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Jonny_Neeves1413d ago

Per normal, any discussion is most welcome.

Starbucks_Fan1413d ago

that picture makes me cringe

Tankbusta401413d ago

Who cares if some weirdo on youtube endorses something...

bondsmx1413d ago

Advertising is advertising. You do what you think will make more money. Extremely simple concept.

For some real good laugh, look at the box art/covers to horrible B horror movies and look at some of the quotes on those, and who said them. Lol

KosherNostra1413d ago

What’s sad is that this article doesn’t do the reader the service of getting its facts straight. The blurb Techland uses, “I love this game, It’s so awesome” comes from the first video, based on an early build that Felix personally requested, on a lark. There was no “sponsoring”, no “payment”. You want to talk about a “shady, slippery slope”, Jonny? It’s your lazy reporting.

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The story is too old to be commented.