With PS4 Launch Looming, China Expands Console Sale Rules

Manufacturing and sale of game consoles in China no longer limited to free-trade zones.

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SaveFerris1331d ago

But will it be region-locked?

SoapShoes1330d ago

They already stated it won't along with PS Vita. Look it up!

freshslicepizza1330d ago


this is all i could find and both mention sources, none of which have come directly from sony.

so again i ask for proof, thanks. i am not suggesting it won't happen, just clarification.

Gamer19821330d ago (Edited 1330d ago )

Now we see the real reason PS4 was delayed.. MS will get better sales but to have these rules in place launch day?? Thats HUGE..

Brettman20081330d ago

Just why would Xbox One have better sales in China than PS4?

Gamer19821327d ago

Not than PS4, people just assume because its a comment on N4G I was comparing it to PS4 lol. I meant more in general. If Xbox launched with this sale rule available when xbox launched it would have sold a lot better. Sony is going to benefit a lot from this new sales rule. Be a gamer not a hater..

qwerty6761330d ago

when was this supposed to launch?

wasnt it like 3 weeks ago lol?

Ninte1330d ago

It doesn't matter if its just one or more consoles selling in china, its still going to be a tough sell with their restrictions and guide lines

Magnus1330d ago

I wonder if the workers at the factories who make the consoles get a little discount.

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