PS4 Exclusive The Order: 1886 Teases Darwin’s Involvement; Gets New Pictures; Draws Crowds in Taiwan

Today Ready at Dawn dropped more information and enigmas in The Order: 1886’s alternate reality website, and things are definitely getting intersting.

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DarkOcelet1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

It just looks spectacular, Galahad seems to be wearing his normal outfit in this picture not his Soldier outfit, maybe there will be a bit of normal exploration before the action starts just like Bioshock Infinite which would be awesome to enjoy the scenery for a while.

Charles Darwin wrote a book called Origin Of Species in 1886 in New York. I think it will fit perfectly with the setting.

"There was growing support for such ideas among dissident anatomists and the general public, but during the first half of the 19th century the English scientific establishment was closely tied to the Church of England, while science was part of natural theology. Ideas about the transmutation of species were controversial as they conflicted with the beliefs that species were unchanging parts of a designed hierarchy and that humans were unique, unrelated to other animals. "

Nikola Tesla, Charles Darwin, Thomas Edison. This is going to be awesome.

Abriael1413d ago

Yeah I was kind of wondering when he'd show up. He was a given :D

DarkOcelet1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

Come to think of it, the old man with the awesome big beard from the trailer resembles the real Charles Darwin somehow. But Charles died 1882, maybe he is one of the immortals.


inveni01412d ago

Would be interesting. Like DarkOcelet said, he died in 1882. Except of a heart attack. So maybe they don't eat red meat (bad cholesterol) in this game because it makes them feel like half-breeds. :) Seriously, though, I'd be interested in whatever part he plays, if any. He may just be a name you hear (same with Edison).

Walker1413d ago

The lore of this game is mind-blowing

Unarmed_Civilian1412d ago

They have been working on the story and lore since 2006.

SmokingMonkey1413d ago

Can't wait this game will make me drop Destiny.

The HYPE is building! The Order is about to overtake Dying Light as the Hottest game on N4G!

The Order 2: The Delivery

level 3601412d ago

Will a live action film be made to order?