As suspected, politics are just a game

Globe & Mail games reporter finds the video game version of politics to require just as much personal compromise as the real thing. From the story:

"....I stepped into the shoes of Barack Obama and ran on an extremely liberal platform, giving speeches about gun control, promoting universal health care, and running ads about cutting carbon emissions-views parallel to my own political beliefs. I lost in a landslide that favoured my Republican opponent, a Mr. Dick Cheney....

I thought, I'm just a political n00b. Surely with a little more experience I could do better....

However, in order to win it seems as though I would need to completely abandon some of my more progressive views and embrace centrist positions on others. In short, I would need to compromise my beliefs and principles in order to win the votes of people whose beliefs and principles I don't agree with....

The Political Machine 2008 is remarkably accurate simulation of the political process. But it's also a reminder as to why I have so little faith or interest in real world politics and politicians."

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