What Happens If Nintendo's New IPs Fail?

"For years, Nintendo heard complaints that even though it created some of the best games in the whole gaming industry, it failed to take any huge risks into new genres or new franchises. Recently, this mentality began to change. There’s no doubt that the Nintendo of the last year is vastly different of the Nintendo of the last decade; however, what if this new strategy does not pay off? Will Nintendo continue on its path of innovation and new creation, or will it fall back onto its already established brands?" -- Nintendo Enthusiast.

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mikel10151418d ago

Then no one can ever complain about new IPs ever again

CarlosX3601418d ago

Actually, not really.

They'll just try again. Nintendo has billions in capital, billions in profits, which most are going into R&D > which translates into understanding what they should do next.

pcz1417d ago

nintendo always make new IPs but they dont give them any marketing push. they just release them to absolutely no fanfare and let them rot on the store shelves.

meanwhile they continue making mario, mario kart, mario party, golf, tennis, maker etc. zelda and all associated cash ins, pokemon and all associated cash ins, party games, mini games collections and all the other things aimed at families such as wii fit, music etc

so in short, they will just continue doing what they always do.

Shnazzyone1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

Ah yes, so they'll go back to making some of the best games ever? Well I guess that's not that bad.

Don't forget, they had the console with the most 8+ rated games of any system last year. Might even do it again this year.

wonderfulmonkeyman1418d ago

Then they'll continue trying till something works.
They've already realized the importance of broadening their catalog; that's why these new games are coming into existence at all.

gangsta_red1418d ago

You can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.

Every company has to take a chance on new IP's. Whether they succeed or not is the gamble, if they fail then see what failed, what didn't catch, what could have been improved and go back to the drawing board.

But if they succeed, then you have a franchise and a following and another success notch on your belt that you can add to an already impressive library of IP's

Blank1418d ago

Very well said besides Nintendo has a unique way to make and introduce new IPs if it doesnt do well one region it can thrive in others other maintain a niche within all regions.

Canary1418d ago

It's been a long time since a new IP from Nintendo has flopped. In fact, I don't think it's ever happened since I've been paying attention.

Though, judging by the demo, Codename STEAM may be the first.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1418d ago

Codename STEAM is just to hard for people LOL

Canary1418d ago

That's gotta be one of the most irritating "counterarguments" this side of "nostalgia goggles" and "why do you make your own game."

And for me, personally, the biggest problem with (the demo for) Codename Steam is the long-ass wait times for enemy turns. I hate games where you spend twice as long waiting on the AI as you do actually playing. Others have complaints about the muddy art direction and the simplistic level design.

The lack of a map of any kind is also a valid complaint, but I haven't seen it pop up much, mostly because Nintendo has tried to push that omission as "innovative." Somehow.

Shnazzyone1417d ago

@canary Sure the main game will have ways to adjust enemy turn time like Fire emblem did.

NintendoSonyfan1418d ago

The thing with new IP is that they are prone to being lost in the shuffle. Wonderful 101 is a good example. It had great ratings and potential but it was new and people were more interested in the next CoD or Assassins Creed. Kingdoms of Amalur had the same problem. I could have been a Skyrim killer but people were more excited for another Elder Scrolls than a new IP. maybe if there is a W101 sequel it will sell better. I think if they release Splatoon or Captain Toad or Devils Third and it doesn't sell like gangbusters, they should not necessarily shelve those IP, but maybe keep them going for a sequel as then more people will know about them and be more willing to buy them.

Rare1418d ago

I very much disliked the feeling of the environment from Amalur, it felt fake and dead and empty to me.

Before anything else, I need a convincing environment with blowing wind, swaying trees and bubbling brooks. KoA unfortunately had none of that.

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