Analog Rant 1.0 - Too Human, What The Hell Happened?

Karl Phillips writes,

"Where do I begin? I, like many others, became VERY excited when Silicon Knights and Microsoft announced that they were working together on the upcoming XBOX 360 exclusive, Too Human. With a combination of Silicon Knights for their great storytelling and Microsoft for their limitless amounts of money, nothing could go wrong right? RIGHT?!?! Well, that hasn't been the case. When E3 06 came about, Too Human was received bad with much criticisms about the games framerate and camera problems. As a result, Silicon Knights decided it would only be right to "go dark" and begin showcasing the game again when it's a lot more polished. How do I feel about this game now that we're closer to release? Read on to find out…"

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QueefyB3690d ago

wow too human sucks so much i mean every xbox 360 player secretly knows it sucks but they are on drugs so they deny it but we all know the truth anyways i dont think i will be getting it for my pc when it comes out for pc before christmas

Boldy3690d ago

If it did come on PC it would be doubtful it would make it before Christmas.

theKiller3690d ago

too human will be something similar to Lair!! lair was a good game but not how sony market it! too human also is shown as THE 360 exclusive but it will be an average game at best! and will flop very hard if they try to release it early just to compete with sony some titles releases!

darkshiz3690d ago

Actually 360 been having their own "Lair"
50 on metacritic.

While Lair got 53

Too Human is more Like Haze to me. Both are from good devs but both will/might possibly flop. I know Haze flopped bad.

360 heres to your "Haze".

GiantEnemyCrab3690d ago

This game has already been ruled and doomed as a failure before it was even given a chance.

What a shame. This could very well be the end of a great developer.

PirateThom3690d ago

When have Silicon Knights been a great developer?

At best they've been decent, but never great.

Boldy3690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

Eternal Darkness

The Wood3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

i didnt think that game was that great personally. Never played any of the Kain games through so i cant comment on those

incogneato3689d ago

And rightfully so. This game has looked like horse manure since they first released images and video to the public. And now that it's pretty much finished, everyone is confirming that it is indeed horse manure.

sonarus3689d ago

Why does everyone attack or defend this game. The game is almost out if its crap its crap if not great for those who enjoy it. I just want this game to come out so we can all move on especially silicon knights. We need eternal darkness sequel

elitewh0re3689d ago

^ agreed, ED2 would be great, though Nintendo has the rights on that, and I'm not much a fan of the wii. But yeah, this game looks great, I'm looking forward to it and it annoys me how lately it seems fashionable to hate on games. :\

ChrisGTR13689d ago

i guess its true. dennis put all the pressure on his game to be good with that post. nobody really cared about it before then.

m91058263689d ago

sounds a lot like haze, heavenly sword, and lair criticisms that came from the 360 camp, none of which were bad games, and one of which (Heavenly Sword) was one of my favorite games of last year.

kazuma3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

hey silicon knights put themselves in that situation. coming from 3 great franchises and good games, they wasted countless years in too human, only to start whining about unreal engine 3, getting in a fight with the neogaf guys (which are a bunch of morons) and pretty much everyone else to defend this title. problem is, the game just seems to SUCK. hey i'm attacking this guy, launch him into the air, and up i go after him, FLOATING INTO THE AIR, while hitting air (or the enemy). look at me move i'm all clunky.
i mean seriously when i look at that (which has appeared on countless trailers and gameplay videos, and they STILL haven't fixed that...something's wrong.
too human has failed on me since the day it even appeared on unreal engine 3.

foodbox3689d ago

some baseless, empty headed rant by "" doenst mean shiat.

this site approves **ANY** anti-MS news. N4G is a worthless wasteland.

morganfell3689d ago

I so wanted this game to be good. I have followed it since the PS1 days. But my disappointment began over a year ago. Originally the game was planned as a cyberpunk title. I don't think the SK has ever heard of William Gibson.

Too bad as titles in the vein of Count Zero or Mona Lisa Overdrive would be landmarks. Beyond many unless dumbed down, but incredible nonetheless. SK missed the cyberpunk mark by a wide margin.

ISA_Scum3689d ago

It's a shame those poor efforts from Factor 5 and Free Radical right? I mean, Haze and Lair are just one time occurances right? Oh wait, you just ripped them for being exclusive to that other console.

Yes, it is sad that SK have tanked with this game. However, half of you on this page saying it's too bad probably have no idea of SK's history of games or true developmental strengths.

GiantEnemyCrab3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

ISA stop turning this into a PS3 pity party. Haze was given every chance in the world and when the final build was in reviewers hands it was given it's judgment. Haze stunk period. It was a generic shooter nuff said. This person hasn't even played the game and is passing judgment about it and many forums like GAF have a personal grudge against Dyack for calling people out who were bashing his game before they even played it.

If the game is bad then so be it and it will be judged, but to start asking the question "What Happened?" before you played it is a sheep move.

morganfell3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

ISA, you are only as good as your last game. SK has yet to prove themselves this gen. Therefore they are back to square zero. I am not saying that is my opinion but rather it is the general view.

If SK had not already fallen on their face and then blamed the entire world for their woes, a move which came off as bellyaching, then things might have been different. I am not saying they do not have grounds for a grievance against Epic. But using that as an excuse for your game sucking isn't rally an excuse at all.

Dyack has acted far too often like some arrogant prick. He should get in a room with Doak from Free Radical and the two of them can pull out their 3rd grade weiners and play "Mine is bigger than yours." It won't change the fact that neither of them were able to execute on their original vision and despite dancing both are directly to blame.

One word comes to mind and that word is Daikatana.

ISA_Scum3689d ago

Granted Crab, these are just negative vibes, but the 1up, Kotaku previews done by people who HAVE played the game are AWFUL. Especially Kotaku.

That said, this same thing happened with Haze along with the next Splinter Cell back in late 07 when articles about delayed games always turning out bad popped up. Basically, poor judgment had already been passed on those two games (one yet to come out) even before their release.

This happens all the time, nothing new. It is sad gaming media constantly do this. Still, this game really is shaping up to be the biggest bomb of the year. As for Silicon Knights, I like their previous games, so this is sad to see.

p.s. My point still stands about Haze and Lair haven't addressed that outside of the cliche "generic shooter" claim. Mr. Crab, you seem to be a hypocrite.

The Lazy One3689d ago

they weren't horrible. They were decent.

For any dungeon crawler fan, they were almost exactly what's wanted. You get replayable levels, RPG elements, extensive loot, deep combat, and coop. The gripes with it aren't huge gripes either.

Really, you see three guys say "It's an alright game" and you all go, "YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST, THE GAME SUCKS NUTS!" The game looks fine. DEAL WITH THE PAIN AND MOVE THE HELL ON!

I don't understand how anyone can think that the unreal engine not working out didn't affect the end product. That equates to less time to spend on level design, and it's probably the biggest reason co-op got cut down to 2 people instead of 4 (which would have been flippin awesome.)

ISA_Scum3689d ago

Well, my Dungeon Crawling need is satisfied tomorrow with Chocobo's Dungeon (I'm an FF freak) on the bro's Wii. Just a suggestion for any DC-type FF fan in case you didn't know.

With that said, you need to read the Kotaku preview. It was God-Awful. As for 1up, it wasn't bad, but not good.

xhairs93689d ago

Sure those are the needs, but when you're staring at a piece of crap with horrible graphics etc. etc. and only 2 man co-op (for a game being PRAISED for multiplayer) there's not much else to say. You've seen gameplay footage, you've seen the IGN interview directly and yet I'm still not pleased.

I think it's quite embarassing he could even play his own game in front of the IGN crew (and you can see this on the interview too) and when he goes to "mount" the "troll" and deal a fatal blow -- it's OBVIOUS that he's standing on mid-air in the damn video (when he SHOULD be standing on his back). It's not even close there's such a huge gap. Not to mention the "explosion" effects. I've created better in MS paint in 7th grade my friend.

The game is very unimpressive and as for the RPG needs. WoW is a huge game for socialism -- there's not much socialism with 2 player RPG's...

morganfell3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

If you don't understand then you don't understand game development. Look at what journos are saying the game is missing now, what makes the game blow. Those are not items based on engine limitations. Those are not design changes or implementations made because of technical issues. Yes the autocamera is causing an issue but that isn't the biggest complaint nor the most important. But on that subject, autocameras are something that if you are unable to nail the feel then you should stick with 3rd person and leave the cinematic moments to the cinematics.

Dyack decided the entire game should feel cinematic and thus the need for autocameras. The problem is that fighting one enemy after another in a level and all of the enemies are the same and all of said enemies are killed in the same manner prevents the game from feeling cinematic. It isn't the camera, it is the game. And the camera is just one element where they wandered off into left field. It isn't their lack of technical ability that screwed them it is their direction and leadership.

They have gone far off course from the original idea for Too Human and taken the soul out of the game. Originally the title was to have presented players with the quandry that insuring victory in the game meant modifying one's self with technology. And as the player chose to further proceed down that path, the associated cost was their humanity. It had the appeal of the dark side of Ghost in the Shell.

Such esoteric yet worthwhile questions have been swept aside in the apparent pursuit of meade and Kroner beer. They can't see the forest for the trees. And those trees are not technological limitations brought about by 3D engines. They are in those trees because they were led off the country lane, down through the field and into the middle of the forest by their chief architect. He is going to bear the brunt of the blame on this game and he knows it. It is why Dyack is talking about leaving after this title.

BattleAxe3689d ago

This game is borked, chorked and gorked!

ikkokucrisis3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

I won't be reading anything from Kotaku, as their fanboy anti-PS3 pro-360 banter is predictable and thoroughly played out already. Others should do the same if they don't want their eyes and minds tainted with horrible journalism and bad grammar.

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Silogon3690d ago

the bottom of interest fell out for me back in the Ps1 days on this one. SK needs to have something near completion to come back from this disaster.

tplarkin73690d ago

This is a rant based on nothing! He didn't play the game! He doesn't even quote any previews! The game isn't out yet! 1up gave the co-op a good preview!

thenickel3689d ago

Thank you for catching that. I just don't see how people claim the game is bad if they haven't played it yet. On day one when it's released I'm going to hop online and give my honest opinion and not an early prediction.

Lord Vader3689d ago

Before we decide it's a bad game....

*Maybe* we should play it first.

LOL @ the ppl calling this game the next "Haze" b4 it's even been released......

I support any game that features Co=op & I love SciFi+ Rpg +Action elements... & this one's with melee weapons too....

It may not be Epic, but it doesnt look anywhere near as bad as certain ppl are saying that haven't even played the game.

tplarkin73689d ago

Haze had co-op, but it was also over-hyped. Too Human has had zero hype. Perhaps Too Human will surprise us.

xhairs93689d ago

Apparently you didn't read the article the whole way through. He didn't claim the game was bad he was simply stating -- What the hell happened?

None of what he said relates to him having to play the game period (other than the side quests). What he is stating everything on is actual news. No more 4 man co-op (it's stated), graphics (been shown) everything there has been well stated other than the Side-Quests which by watching the IGN interview it's obvious they're there, they're just hidden is all.

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Azures3690d ago

Dyack happened. zing!

Srsly though, its a good concept but I have yet to see a single positive preview of the game thus far.

tplarkin73690d ago (Edited 3690d ago )

Positive Preview

Also, 1up Show. I didn't see it, but the headline sounds positive. Quote from headline:
"We figured it would be a pretty kick-ass opportunity to get you a real look at the game without all those pesky Internet trolls getting in the way. Our wish was granted and this week's show has the most thorough dive into the game you'll find anywhere."

chanto233689d ago

^^^and the only one too^^^

Just face it...the game is going to suck big time...