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"We were positively surprised at how much fun Techland has managed to get out of such a worn and overused motif. The story won't immerse you as much as it should, but that's perfectly acceptable in this sort of game. The storytelling is a step forward for the studio, even if it's not of the highest calibre; but it's certainly better than Dead Island and Riptide before it. If you've still got a thing for zombies, you should definitely give Dying Light a shot (preferably in the head)."

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nowitzki20041418d ago

For everyone that played the game. Would you recommend it?

Man_Marmalade1418d ago

Playing it right now, and yes. Definitely recommended.

Meltic1418d ago

Im half in into the story now ive recently left the slumbs area into the Town. I love the game. Its so much fun. Just running around jumping kiling zombies and looting. Take ur time and do the side quests. If u dont do them you will miss so much....

smoothop1418d ago

Played it co-op with my bro, were like 20 percent through and were loving it. The parkour is really done well and the combat is so much fun. Its such a step up from the previous games, very fluid compared to previous games and the gore is full on. Every weapon seems to have a unique feel and they tear bodies apart differently. Its a real fun game and i highly recommend it. Story is not bad, but not great either, to be honest you'll probably be to busy having fun with the gameplay to care.

Bobby Kotex1418d ago

Definitely recommend. Techland screwed up when they were shady with the review copies.

sarlucic1418d ago

If you like dead island, then yes. it is better in every way except the humor. It is quite fun in co op, single player is kind of grindy.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1418d ago

Yep. If you can't handle being scared at all, don't run around at night. Hunters are every where...


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That one guy 861418d ago

If you liked the rpg elements in the dead island series, you will enjoy this. Parkour mechanics are fun and night time is scary. Story seems interesting so far. There's lots of crafting and weapon upgrades. I'd give it a shot.

RavenWolfx1418d ago

I love Zombie games so I am a bit biased, but I would recommend it if you have people to play it with. Single player isn't bad, but it is definitely made for co-op. Also, they are similar to Dead Island (made by same developer), though this is a bit harder (read: easier for the zombies to kill you). Parkour is a major game element and it appears to take a lot of influence from Mirror's Edge.

nowitzki20041418d ago

Sounds good. Will def. give it a try.

vikingland11418d ago

I bought the game for PS4 on Tuesday and haven't even got to play yet. My 27 yr old son can't quit playing it. I've watched him play and it looks really fun. The graphics are nice and clear too.

Klonoa-dreamtraveler1418d ago

this game is worth a shot if anyone has doubts.