Game of the Month: November 2006

The end of each month signifies a variety of milestones across everyone's lives. People are getting their paychecks, making resolutions, doing their laundry, going grocery shopping, cleaning their gutters, and possibly celebrating with a frosty beverage. In keeping with the theme of closure, we here at IGN amass from our vast library of green-boxed games the ones that came out over the past month and determine which one is the reigning champ.

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marcusfenix4400d ago

So much for the oh so good RFOM! NOT!

PS3n3604400d ago

This was an XBOX360 game of the month award not multi platform. Just thought you should know that. That being said it probably would still get this prize if PS3 games were included because it rocks and its destroying my life.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4400d ago

The History Channel: Civil War game wins hands down!

MicroGamer4400d ago

About Gears being the game of the month???

FeralPhoenix4400d ago

the GOTY too for all platforms, followed closely by R6:Vegas....although I admit I haven't played Zelda, which has recieved alot of praise too.

foxone4400d ago (Edited 4400d ago )


maybe if he was a responcible parent, like he claims he wouldnt be playing 18 rated games with his kids around -
swearing adds to the grit of the game, its war, not a barbie adventure. He dosnt like swear words, well personally i think he's a SH*T

ImTheNumber124399d ago

Hahaha I like that guy, He makes a complete tool out of himself. It's fine if my kids see me chopping a guy in half but that swearing has got to go. His kids must love watching him play dead rising too. You could always turn the volume down but that would be truly inhumane to actually grab the remote and lower the volume, instead all games should have clean versions. I can see it now, when you mess up that active reload marcus yells "darn it you silly boom stick."

FeralPhoenix4399d ago

its just entertainment.....and just like you wouldn't let your small child watch(hear) violent, profane, or movies with nudity, you also must have the discipline to not play the same type of games while they are in the room.....and if the "cursing" is still so painful to him, then just don't buy it.....and if the majority of gamers happen to share his opinion, I would encourage them to do the same, but somehow I get the immpression that they must like a little "foul" language in their war games.