PS4 Exclusive Bloodborne: Check Out New Explosive Multiplayer Gameplay;PS4 Bundle Confirmed for Asia

The upcoming PS4 exclusive Bloodborne was showcased today at Taipei Game Show, and the presentation event with Sony Japan Studio Producer Masaaki Yamagiwa , Studio Head Allan Becker and PlayStation Asia Marketing Manager Naito Arata drew a big crowd.

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vishmarx1388d ago

if only mgs v wasnt a 2015 release.
its sad because games like
BB, witcher and batman ak will surely miss out on well deserved awards

DarkOcelet1388d ago

Who the hell cares about Goty awards when you get to play all that awesomeness.

breakpad1388d ago

this is in some way the answer of Sony to the idiot Capcom guys who exclusively released MH series to Ninty ...Sony does not need Mon HUn series ..they made their own superior version

guitarded771388d ago

2015 is gonna be full of GOTY candidates. So ready for the avalanche of games to drop.

AngryTypingGuy1387d ago

Metal Gear will be awesome, but you can't count out any of those games. I think The Witcher 3 in particular has a strong chance of being GOTY as does Uncharted 3 and Batman in addition to Metal Gear. Tough competition this year... It's a great year to own a PS4!

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XanderZane1388d ago

Oh Hell Yes!! That's what I've been waiting for. That pretty much seals the deal right there. This and The Witcher 3 will keep me busy most of the Spring.

Gamer19821387d ago

Wont be GOTY purely because this isn't a widely adopted title. They sell well but noway near the numbers of a title like GTA, COD etc.. Although small titles have won it in the past they have done so by sneaking under the radar and selling millions. This won't do that. It has a certain market which it plays to very well. It's like why Rock music isn't in the top 10 charts.

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Walker1388d ago

an absolute GOTY contender

shammgod1388d ago

preordered the collectors edition...and i usually dont get into collectors editions.

xKugo1388d ago

Beast; Pun very much intended

StrawberryDiesel4201388d ago

The Order in February followed by the masterpiece that will be Bloodborne just one month later. I'm so excited I can't take it anymore!

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The story is too old to be commented.