Xbox One - Dashboard Update Improves Party Chat

A new update for preview members is available and improves the party chat functions. There is a new update available for preview members, as of 6:00pm PST January 28th, per the Xbox One Preview Program App/Hub/Dashboard.

The update brings a few tweaks to the Xbox One Party Chat:
1)Chat connection status icons:
New icons have been added to let you know the current status of a chat connections in your Party.
-Clock icon: Means the connections is being made.
-Squawker Ring icon: Indicates the connection was successful.
-X icon: Means that networking limitations, such as, strict NAT or moderate NAT are preventing the chat connection from completing.
2) Improved connectivity between multiple users with Strict or Moderate NAT.
3) Fixes from Update: An issue where unsnapping the Party App quickly after joining a Party caused the chat to become inoperable.

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dreamed1413d ago

So will this update work about as good as the last party chat update?.....basically won't do shit!

Septic1413d ago

It has improved but I still had an issue with Destiny once where I switched to Game chat and it wasn't working. Mind you, that could just be the game itself.

USA0071413d ago

Same, Destiny seems to make party chat mess up sometimes, and either get stuck in party chat or game chat until the X1 is reset. Seems to happen a lot with raids

RjK311jR1412d ago

This is what I love... Thats what the preview program is for. Testing out or beta testing w/ public opt in. They kindly ask you to report and give feedback, along with screen shots in order to quickly fix these issues as soon as possible.

BoriboyShoGUN1413d ago

I was actually surprised to hear about chat issues with the Xbox One. Considering they had it last gen and seemed to work fine most of the time. Really amazes me the things these companies mess up for no apparent reason!

Cueil1413d ago

because how chat works it totally different this generation form last

shloobmm31413d ago

They tried to do this whole unified party, matchmaking and chat system that just didn't work as planned.

BallsEye1412d ago

oh yea, another fanboy that never had XO. Xbox One party chat is simply amazing, with quality better than skype. Also, I just can't imagine now operating xbox one without SNAP. It's just that awesome.

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Kingdomcome2471413d ago

I saw the chat connection status icon last night playing Dying Light, and didn't know what it was at first. I really do hope that they iron out the kinks in the party chat system, as it's probably been my biggest gripe with the Xbox One thus far. Up until now a hard reset seemed to be the only fix, and that had become very tiresome. My fingers are crossed.

USA0071413d ago

I've been using it and the occasional hard reset is still needed

Kingdomcome2471413d ago

The hard reset is like duct tape, it fixes everything lol. It really is an annoyance, though when it happens right in the middle of a game. Hopefully this fixes it for the most part.

lemoncake1413d ago

I had a feeling we would be getting an update soon as my friend list has been up and down a bit today which in the past has meant new firmware incoming.

RjK311jR1412d ago

When you think about it there are 4-5 different versions of the updates at different levels of the preview program, some are just ideas, some are implemented but not given to the public until that version is tested internally and then passed to the program, which then eventually (1 MONTH USUALLY) after that testing w/ public preview members involved, we see the true release that everyone else gets... So I think its great. But in response I too noticed these issues around update times.

xxLuckyStrike1413d ago

Damn shame how MS fumbled on so many Xbox One features which Xbox 360 users/adopters came accustomed to. Not to mention almost completely separating the 360 and XB1 live network. Since day 1 XBL party chat for me has been a ghost town thus far. A good example. During holiday my son chose an Xbox 360 over XB1. I asked why. He said most of his friends are still on the 360 and they can party chat.

Elit3Nick1413d ago

the 360 and X1 run on different operating systems

BoriboyShoGUN1413d ago

Yeah its crazy!! I don't have one but it's still surprising to see that they f'd up the chat some how, that's the one thing 360 had last gen that kept me on the 360. PS4 is also missing a lot of the features the PS3 had like WTF!!!

Cueil1413d ago

how party chat works it totally different they didn't just port over the OS

BoriboyShoGUN1413d ago

So voice through microphone somehow evolved since last gen?????????

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