The Order 1886: New Screen Shows Gorgeous Wide Open Level, Awesome Beware The Lyncan Poster Revealed

This is what they should have showcased last year.

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Genuine-User1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

I'm just going to leave this here.

Xaphy1411d ago

I was'nt really excited for this but the more i see the more i want. Getting this regardless of reviews.

Genuine-User1411d ago

Yep. I stopped caring about reviews a while back.
I know I'll enjoy the game regardless of differing opinions.

hamburgerhill1411d ago

How do you know you will enjoy it? Reviews are just opinions I agree but to say it's going to be good before even playing sounds like some stupid fanboy mess!

Letthewookiewin1411d ago

I did that with Dying Light, I watched other people playing it on Live from Playstation and knew I wanted to play it without some jerk offs opinion.

GamerGT1411d ago

Some of us do judge a book by its cover. Some of us have done that with The Order. We look at it and just know we are going to either like it or not bother with it. This cover I will judge to like it and play it and then decide if I was satisfied.

BitbyDeath1411d ago

Yep, I've got this pre-ordered. This has a Soldier of Fortune vibe to it that I'm really liking.

S2Killinit1411d ago

The more I see, the more I like.
The more journalists see, the more they hate.
money money money...MOOOOONEYY!

Cindy-rella1411d ago

This game looks awesome and ill be buying it first day. A lot of people that hate this game are fanatics for other gaming system because the worse thing that can be said about this game is that its another third person shooter. Its not reinventing the wheel but trying to do it in its own style.the order 1886 looks amazing to me and ill buy it first day.

morganfell1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

@hamburgler and those of similar opinion,

I, like several other users know without doubt The Order will be good as we have enough experience with games to analyze previews and public demos, read interviews and such and then form an almost bulletproof estimation of that which we as gamers will enjoy tremendously.

It does not indicate that we can select a title for you or for the masses but we know without question our own preferences. It isn't by any stretch of the imagination rocketscience to assess our own preferences.

I might ask why is it that you think you know us well enough to decide that we cannot perform such simple deductions without the assistance of, or rather in spite of mealy mouth know it alls in the so called gaming press.

Unlike some we know quite well what we are doing with our own money.

I have played two titles from RAD countless times and their quality is unquestionable. Now add to this mix the pedigree of Sony Santa Monica and any Vegas odds maker would place the numbers heavily in favor of our being correct about a game with which we as individuals wil be thrilled.

Farmassy1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

@ morganfell

thats all well and good... but don't act like people who say it is garbage are ridiculous. Don't get me wrong, I think anyone who has a definitive opinion one way or the other is an idiot but if you are saying it is ok to "know" that its good, then it has to be ok to "know" that it is bad.

edit: also, your post sounds really whiney and stuck up

hamburgerhill1411d ago

Wow...just wow! I hope you guys enjoy this game but if it does sucks please look out for fellow gamers.

morganfell1411d ago


I am afraid the essence of what I was saying has escaped you. If you would but read my post (It is obvious you did not do so prior to writing) then you will note this:

"It does not indicate that we can select a title for you or for the masses but we know without question our own preferences."

That clearly strikes down everything you posted. I made my initial statement in response to a person that felt it was not possible for us to know at this point if a title would be one of those vaunted remembrances. I stated that I COULD NOT JUDGE A GAME FOR HIM OR FOR THE MASSES, BUT ONLY FOR MYSELF. A feat he was attempting to say was impossible.

So you see, it is the hamburgler that wishes to deny others their own forecasted opinion of a title. That is what you were protesting. You should have addressed your reply to him...unless yopu entire post was driven by platform favoritism in which case this conversation is a moot point.

As for your final remark, that is the last refuge of the disarmed. When you cannot refute their facts, attack their person in an adolescent manner.


Have you never played a game that did not disappoint? I have on a few occasions. And I can look back at each and every one of those experiences and recall knowing well in advance when a title was going to be for me, a monumental gaming adventure. Perhaps you lack the self knowledge combined with the analytical eye to accurately predict when you will be treated to one of those titles.

And a real fanboy is one who spends countless hours in forums such as these hating titles in bitter protest and jealousy rather than enjoying and celebrating games.

Farmassy1411d ago


my last remark was not meant to be an ad hominem attack. I was merely saying that your comment (not you) was whiney and stuck up... and your second post does nothing that makes me wish to retract my statement.

You argue semantics instead of getting to the heart of the matter. My post was meant to point out that it is important to understand that it is a logical fallacy to say, "All of these journalist can't possible know this game will be bad. They don't know me. I know this game will be good."
This way of thinking doesn't make logical sense. You can't say someone does not have enough information to come to a conclusion, and then make the opposite conclusion about the same dilemma. Especially when you probably haven't even played it (and the journalists you disagree with have).

Also, if you really feel the way that you do (that you know what is right for you, regardless of what others think) then shut up about it. This is a gaming forum for people to share opinions. If your whole point is that you have your opinion and don't need to hear the opinions of those who have actually played the game, then get off gaming websites that are devoted for exactly this purpose.

All that being said, I hope the game is good. I will pick up a PS4 eventually and like having a great backlog of games to play when I do. It is the logos of the argument that bothers me, not the subject.

morganfell1411d ago

My remarks go directly to the heart of the matter. It isn't semantics when it is stated so very clearly. There is no requirement to study the meaning. Semantics would be your attempting to redefine the obvious meaning of your final remark in your first reply. "It wasn't about you, it was what you said." How does a post sound stuck up and whiny without the implication of the same to its author? Now that indeed is an attempt to split a very finite hair. That is semantics. In politics they call your backpeddling "spin".

Hamburger and others doubted our ability to predict our enjoyability of a yet to be released game.

I said I can easily and proficiently judge the title for myself having done so numerous times.

I cannot do so for others and stated this clearly.

In your initial post you take issue with not allowing separate opinions, both good and bad among various persons. My initial post alluded to this. Yet I was the one with whom you found issue?

And I can say these writers are innaccurate when they have no written standards for their sites, have no editor in chief that assures balance on the issues, and resort to click bait writing and titles that fail to serve the game community at large.

I can say that these journalists are wrong when they have been wrong so many times in the past. I can say they are wrong when countless individuals that went hands on with The Order were completely captivated by the game.

I can say they are wrong because it is my opinion. And you did state this was a place for opinions, did you not? Or does that not apply to individuals with whom you disagree or just those who verbally eviscerate you when you enter a conversation and fire off comments without first having read through all of the remarks?

It is also laughable you support the rights of others to say what they will but when I state I can judge for myself well in advance that I will like the game, I am supposed to...what was it you said, ah yes, I am should shut up about it. Again that familiar fallback position. Your "shut up" remark reeks of hypocrisy.

The fact is you came into the conversation late, failed to read my post and then utterly wrecked yourself by attacking me with words that actually reinforced what I was saying.

My issue is others acting as if I have no grounds to hold a belief that applies only to me. Not to you, not to the masses, but just to me. Had you just read all of the posts prior to your jumping in with both feet then all of this would have been quite unnecessary. Then again, I suspect there was a wholly separate motivation to the reply. You post history reveals your nature quite clearly. Your motivations in those past remarks are on public display.

It brings a smile to my face watching you swat someone such as MikesLemonade for making a remark in an Xbox thread

"We all know you don't have an xbox. You are THE BIGGEST sony fanboy on this site and everyone is aware of you. Its ok to have a preference but don't act as though you are unbiased

you are not smart enough for stealth trolling"

Yet here you are in a PS4 thread and by your own admission do not own a PS4. Your post history shows someone that is anything but evenhanded with PS4 supporters. I believe you may have set a record using the word Sony Fanboys in your attempt to denigrate us. And do not bother to act as if you were speaking about select individuals.

Now what is the word for which I am searching?

rainslacker1411d ago

It's one of those things that you can know if you'll like something before you play it. You can at least have a reasonable expectation of if it will be good for you. I don't need previewers or reviewers telling me it's going to be bad. They can point out things they consider bad if they want, but if I have no problem with those things, then no reason to worry about them.

By hamburgers reasoning, he shouldn't be excited for any game unless people praise it left and right. That's a dangerous way to buy games. That's how you end up playing trash like AC:U. It's also means the only thing I would play would be COD and whatever MS puts out. Or how you get games that don't live up to the TitanFall.

value to the buyer is completely subjective. I knew when seeing TF it wouldn't be my kind of game, despite that people were praising it. I knew when seeing Quantum Break the first time, it would be my kind of game, but further showings left me unimpressed, despite media praise for it, so now I'm in a wait and see with that game.

in the end, you may end up disappointed, but from my experience, if I end up disappointed, it's usually from something that never got mentioned by reviewers en masse.

MysticStrummer1410d ago

"it looks pretty but christ if it doesn't look unplayable after you've finished the story rhe first time."

As an old school gamer I don't understand this argument. If a game is fun, it has replay value.

abstractel1410d ago

I stopped caring about the press in general a long time ago. It was obvious that you couldn't judge the game based on the small bits they showed and people should have kept an open mind instead of prematurely writing articles like "this game sucks and you shouldn't buy it".

Farmassy1410d ago

I like how you bring up me saying that mikeslemonade should not be a fanboy. You assume I don't like sony when I really do. I own a PS3 and would already own a PS4 but recently had a child and decided to wait on purchasing one. I bought an Xbox first because I was more excited about their launch lineup. I still own TLoU and have always enjoyed playstation exclusives. None of my comments in this post have said anything negative about the Order in any way... so stop trying to act as though I am using a biased attitude. Your whole argument is flawed. You say that I am guilty of not reading your argument but it is really the other way around.

Just because I think you and your logic are ridiculous doesn't mean I like xbox and hate playstation.

You have a really long post that accomplishes nothing. Think what you will, I'm done with this conversation. Acting like you know the game will be great is just as stupid as acting like you know it will be terrible. None of you know what you are talking about and if your whole point is that only you know what is right for you, than you should not be concerned with the preferences of others.

If you can't understand that, it is your fault, not mine.

morganfell1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

Yes I brought up mikeslemonade and your remark to him. Not that your reply shouldn't have been posted, but to point out making that statement writing the initial post above paint you both in the same light. You may spend your own [email protected] and look up the definition of an individual that accuses another of an act they themselves later commit.

Pot meet kettle.

I could care less why you do or do not own a PS4. The fact of the matter is you do not. Bringing up your child means absolutely zero two me. It is little more than a baby on board sticker posted in this forum, as if that in some way, or to some degree grants you maneuver room to make ridiculous comments. It isn't that your remarks were negative concerning The Order per se but rather they were deprecation leveled at those that have stated they will enjoy The Order. My argument lacks no flaws. And yes, you failed to read my initial post which has resulted in all of this. An expensive lesson.

No logic is required to deduce the fact that you have an issue with Sony. Your post history has managed that feat all by itself. It only took a few minutes of perusal through your history to reach that undeniable conclusion.

My post was long enough to say that which needed to be said. And if you think I was writing it for you then you are completely wrong...again. Although it is addressed to you, I had little faith that you would actually read it considering that you failed to read the much shorter initial post.

Regarding The Order itself, you apparently are one of those individuals that are incapable of studying a product that is going to be released to the consumer market. With such research you discover everything that you can about said product and thus are able to logically decide in advance you will indeed like that very thing. One can but surmise you are one of those individuals who sits around and waits for someone else to tell them what they will and will not like. I am not one of those sheep and neither are many of the supporters of The Order. They are fully capable of deciding for themselves based upon self-knowledge of their own preferences and the wealth of information that you provided by the developers and the publisher. It would seem that individuals of self-determination are somewhat of a mystery to you.

If you can't understand that then that is your fault not mine.

If you cannot comprehend that your initial disagreement was with a person who was actually practicing that which you were preaching then the fault is yours not mine.

And for someone with a past of disliking Sony and it stands as much as your history reveals you to be, you will miss out on The Order without doubt. And you may employ the excuse "I was buying diapers so I don't have a PS4 if that makes you sleep better at night. But at the end of the day those are your decisions and by relation your fault, not mine.

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vishmarx1411d ago

no prizes for guessing my new phone lockscreen background

RyanShutup1411d ago

pre-ordered yesterday... eff reviews, I rarely agree with them anymore once I play for myself...

Nekroo911411d ago

Im just waiting to see who will complain about open areas after bashing the game for a linear level.

But i dont have to wait...its called gamingbolt

blakstarz1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

GOT DAMN!! The explosions and kickback from that gun is freaking incredible! Even when that guy flew up in the air from the shotgun blast is SICK!!!

AndrewLB1411d ago

Except for the fact that a shotgun blast isn't going to knock a person back, let alone cause them to fly through the air. The decades long movie stunt where the bad guy gets "blown away" is not possible due to the human body being soft and the energy delivered via buckshot/slugs/bullets dissipates as it travels through the muscle, guts, and organs. Even if you could transfer 100% of the bullet's inertia to a level IIIa trauma plate in a vest, the kinetic energy still would only be enough to stagger or possibly cause them to lose balance.
I've shot a 240lb white-tail deer with a 7mm Magnum Remington which has 50% more kinetic energy than a 12ga shotgun (3,221ft/lb vs 2,106ft/lb) and it just dropped straight to the ground. No flying dear.

Rhythmattic1411d ago


And games depict real life scenarios ......


rainslacker1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )


If you shot someone with a shotgun from 2-3 feet away, they most definitely would be blown back from the force. Those numbers you give are a tremendous amount of force for any body to take. They wouldn't fly through the air, but the force exerted by an object does not care if you are "soft" or not. Force may be absorbed by the body, but that force eventually has to go somewhere and soft materials do not remove the force from an object so since the body is all one piece, it eventually goes in the direction in which force is applied, although it's dissipated throughout the body transferring the energy into something else.

The reason a deer will drop, or a person for that matter, with a rifle as opposed to a shotgun, is because a rifles kinetic energy is focused into a very small area compared to a shotgun. With force, the area of the force is more determinate on a soft object, and a bullets force dissipates as it moves through the body, whereas a shotgun buckshot impact is instant on impact on the body. I also doubt you were 2-3 feet from the deer when you shot it. If you were, then you are one master hunter. If you shot a person with a rifle from 2-3 feet away, then they would be blown back as well if the bullet didn't just rip right through them. Heck that will happen with a regular hand with much less force than a rifle. This is of course assuming that the bullet or buckshot don't just rip through the body and tear out the other side, which is more likely to happen at that distance.

In any case, a body can be blown back from the force of a rifle from 1000 yards or more away. Sometimes it just depends on where the bullet goes in and how rigid the body is upon impact.

I used to hunt with a bow and I've seen deer be pushed back several feet with a fixed blade arrowhead from shots made 20-30 yards out with a bow that only pushes about 20-30lb/ft, which is about what you'd get from an average person shoving you.

Otherwise, yeah, these types of reactions are more for expressing the impact, since the user can not experience it themselves. It's a movie effect, and it's not worth over-analyzing or criticizing the game over. Plus I don't know if you've ever shot a shotgun, but they have a wicked kickback, and the explosions in this game may be due to them not being ordinary weapons.

MysticStrummer1410d ago

Wow Andrew, you're gonna give yourself an aneurysm by straining so hard.

Utalkin2me1410d ago


You're really pointing out that a videogame is not following true life scenarios? It's really sad in this day and age that it has come to pointing out such things. As a human being this is really bothering and says alot about our society as whole.

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1411d ago


That's what i'm talkin about!!!!

The Order will own February!!!

The Order will be one of 2015's 10 best games!!!

Where's that The Order 1886 BUNDLE?!!!

Deadlead1411d ago

DAMN!I'm ready for this one, I just don't understand all the negative hype for it. Not usually the suspicious type, but I wonder if it were multiplat that it would be so heavily scrutinized BEFORE it's even released.

starchild1411d ago

Yeah, it would. Plenty of multiplats have had hate bandwagons directed at them before they released.

nowitzki20041411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

Nikola Tesla could have most likely invented that type of gun if he wanted.

Thank him for ur controllers, and ur controllers wireless ability and much more. As soon as I heard he will be 1 of the main characters I was interested.

extermin8or1411d ago

Laws of physics say he couldn't however it looks like an awesome addition to the game xD

Qrphe1411d ago

>this is what Teslaboys actually believe

Edison elite reporting in

nowitzki20041411d ago

It is debatable which one is better. Without either of them life would not be the same today.

Psygnosis3331410d ago

Nikola Tesla - Unappreciated Geniuse
So many patents where stolen and destroyed by his rival- Edison
Died like a poor man,didnt care for materrial goods...for me he is like 'out of this world man'

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starchild1411d ago

I'm really looking forward to this game. The gameplay looks solid enough and the narrative seems like it will be great. Not to mention those lovely graphics.

geddesmond1411d ago

Look as gamers, if we actually left our preferences to different consoles aside and this was a multiplat. You know dam well this is going to be a great game. Unfortunately we all can't do that and lord knows I'm guilty of hating games because its not on my consol of choice too. But this will be a great game. Unfortunately as the evil within thought me. Even though the evil within is a briliant game, if Sony doesn;t release a patch to give me a full screen with out the black borders then I won't be purchasing it ever because those black bars ruin the evil within for me. I know very petty but I know what entertains me and what doesn't. Unfortunately, lowering my field of view on the tv I paid 1000 euros for does not entertain me.

PersonMan1410d ago

I'm guessing you don't watch movies then.

geddesmond1409d ago

Of course I watch movies. So thats your defense. I guess you don't watch movies? Games are not movies pal.

Bathyj1411d ago

Wouldn't it be hilarious if the game turned out to be open world with seamless transitions to building interiors and all the naysayers just had to eat crow.

I don't think that will happen, nor do I even want it to (linear is NOT a four letter word) but it would be funny to see the haters have to scramble last minute for something else to hate on in this game.

To hell with them, I'm lycan this game the more I see it. ;P

rainslacker1411d ago

It's looking more like it's in the line of Uncharted. Somewhat open, but you are on a path most of the time.

That's fine with me though, because I generally find open world games kind of boring. Although I did fire up infamous:first light for the first time last night and had a blast with the speed and creative ways to get around.:)

PersonMan1410d ago

I think it will be refreshing to have a linear type game for a change. Everything I've been playing lately has been open world and I'm getting kinda tired of the open world format. I'm tired of having a mini map. I'm tired of seeing it full of icons to do side missions. I'm tired of having to travel to each mission because it feels like a waste of time.

I'm actually welcoming this type of game because the market is over saturated with open world titles right now.

Dying Light
Shadow of Mordor
Far Cry 4
Witcher 3
Watch Dogs
Saints Row 4
The Crew
Sleeping Dogs

I'm sure there's more. I'm just getting burnt out on the open world genre.

Knushwood Butt1411d ago

Got my order in on the edition that comes with the model.

Looking forward to it, and playing the game.

Not interested in reviews.

DialgaMarine1411d ago

I wonder if anyone on here still honestly believes RYSE looks better.

CuddlyREDRUM1410d ago

Always trust a fanboy with a pic of their game...

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snookiegamer1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

Sweeeeeeet Mother of ..... Looks Phenomenally good!

We, people ...are approaching CGI quality visuals with The Order 1886 ;)

PR_FROM_OHIO1411d ago

And just imagine how much better PS4 games will look in a couple years!! Thinking about seeing KRATOS on a PS4 will be simply incredible lol!!

MrSec841411d ago

Yeah it's going to be beyond amazing when the ICE Team develops new tools based around more optimized API in the future on PS4.

GT7 will probably look better than Driveclub and run at 60FPS.
God of War will probably be a visual marvel!

I can't wait to see what Guerrilla Game's Horizon will look like!!!

Clunkyd1411d ago

Console games sure look outdated. /s

LamerTamer1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

It is not hard to do when the game is only using around 75% of full HD resolution and your TV screen. It is a big cheat reducing your field of view by almost 1/4. To me those annoying black bars kill the game, I don't want to be squinting through a narrow strip the whole time. If they can't do the full 1080p res (and obviously they can't) then just do 900p and upscale it. While a little more pixely at least you get full size.

MasterCornholio1410d ago

If they dropped it to 900P there would be an even bigger problem with aliasing and would require and even higher level of anti aliasing. Which the PS4 doesn't have the power to handle. Thats the main reason why they adopted "black bars" so they can maintain the same pixel density and use an inferior AA solution (4xMSAA) to obtain the best image quality possible.

I'm not making this up because the developers explained this themselves.

BABY-JEDI1410d ago

It's amazing what [email protected] have achieved. It's games like this that pushes forward the visual fidelity of games/media within the industry. I still don't get the people who throw their blind stupidity & hate @ The Order. It pains me to say this. But some people out there are so bitterly jealous @ other people's talen. Appreciate it. Don't hate it.

PersonMan1410d ago

Because after you get over the pretty graphics, you see the game for what it really is. Nothing's worse than playing an awesome looking game, but you hate the rest of it and don't wanna continue playing.

Repjaws1411d ago

I guess that throws the "Its linear","On rail shooter" excuse out of the window seriously look at that screen shot if that's not open I don't know what is.

gangsta_red1411d ago

Is that a level or is that a cut-scene? We should wait until it comes out before we start declaring open world and such.

Repjaws1411d ago

I think that's most probably a level that we can play.

Bathyj1411d ago

People didn't wait til it came out before declaring in on rails corridor shooter.

Speak_da_Truth1411d ago

Who declared it open world??? Also as @Bathyj said did ppl wait till it comes to declare it and on rails corridor Hallway??

gangsta_red1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

@Bathy @Speak

Because that what was only shown, so yes, it would be understandable people thought this game is a corridor, on rails or whatever type of game.

And showing a picture of an open zone may be great but it doesn't mean this is how all of the gameplay or even that PIC will be. For all we know you could just walk from one end of the street to the other.

rainslacker1411d ago

I don't think it's open world, but it does have some open areas. There is a difference. Open world means you can go anywhere, at pretty much anytime. Open area means there is a lot of places to go within the level while on your way from point A to point B.

I think we can claim whatever we want, given that people have already claimed it to be something it's not after one showing of the game which took place in a hallway/one room, and assuming that the whole game was like that.

The trailers have come out showing what to expect from this game, what more do you need to stop the BS claims that people are complaining about? They've already shown open areas to play around in. It's at the point where people are being willfully blind to what is there just to discredit this game.

It may suck in the end. It may have terrible game play with clunky shooting mechanics in the end. The story may fall flat in the end. But none of those were what people were complaining about....well maybe the story when all we had was a brief idea of what it involved.

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gangsta_red1411d ago

Looks good then, hopefully it will be filled with Lycans and you have to shoot around the innocent bystanders.