Remastered Games are a Blast from the Past on New Consoles, and That's Not a Bad Thing

With the release of Resident Evil HD Remaster, Grim Fandango Remastered, and more older titles making their appearance once more on new consoles, DualShockers takes a look at what the current Remastered trend is bringing to gamers this year, and why it's not necessarily a bad thing.

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KrisButtar1417d ago

The only remasters I really want are Oblivion and Skyrim

OmegaShen1416d ago

Your thinking to small, we need a remaster of this for X1/PS4 -

Remaster games are ok if its not a remaster of a bad game.

TheRedButterfly1416d ago

*and if it doesn't keep the developer from working on new projects. This is what I like about how Microsoft/343 went with TMCC. Contract out X/Y/Z studios to remaster X/Y/Z game so that OP-developer can continue to work on new and exciting projects. That way we get titles like TMCC one year, and then get Halo 5 (after a 3 year dev-cycle) with no interruptions.

Best of both worlds really.

KrisButtar1416d ago

That was my 1st thought but then I decided to keep my comment to console games from last gen.

OmegaShen1416d ago

I understand that, but it be nice to get alot more of Elder Scrolls and it could hold people off until a new one (not counting TESO).

ZombieKiller1416d ago

Until we open our mouths about it and they're holding back things to keep in the remastered versions to get people to buy twice.....shhhh!!!! Gaming journalism needs to die anyway! Just.....shhhhhh!

Toiletsteak1417d ago

I really don't see why people get upset about all the remasters, when a developer works on a remaster it is never the full team it is just normally a small group so the rest can work on what ever it is they are working on... plus you really don't have to buy it if you don't want to.

Lucreto1417d ago

The Remasters also give developers experience on a new machine which can be used to make their next full game run better.

001416d ago

probably because people spent over 400$ to play new games not old games slightly prettier.

MysticStrummer1416d ago

If remasters were outnumbering new games I'd see your point, but that's not what's happening.

Revengeance1416d ago

I bought a new console to play GREAT games, new or old.

freshslicepizza1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

so what your saying is people should not have upgraded their movie collection from dvd to bluray? i never understood why the gaming community always finds a way to complain about everything.

001416d ago

If you spent 400$ to play a year old game that's slightly better you've been suckered and considering how terrible the start of this console gen has been where the only games worth wild a last gen ports I'm glad I didn't waste money on a next gen console.

and judging by the disagrees people really did spend 400$ for last gen games.

freshslicepizza1416d ago

you missed the point once again. people bought it for many reasons and one of them is the ability to play older games that look better and run better thanks to better hardware. they also buy it for new games too in case you didn't notice.

you see, that's the great thing with technology. you can also upgrade your home entertainment system to get better sound and visuals out of your existing collection of movies and music. they also remaster video and music catalogues to give consumers the choice to get even better formats of the things they enjoy.

you also forgot one important thing, not everyone has played these older titles because not everyone owned that hardware before.

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gangsta_red1416d ago

It's a cash grab plain and simple. I mean seriously...a shiny new system playing crisp and fantastic games and we are getting bombarded with games that are not even two years old yet.

Dinoegg_961416d ago

I'm with you man. I mean, one thing is Grim Fandango, a game from '98, but TLOU remaster??? That game came out one year after the original release.

gangsta_red1416d ago

Yea, I don't mind games that are considered retro and are decades old being touched up with added features or graphics. But when we have TLoU, Borderlands and DmC being repackaged...I just shake my head

gangsta_red1416d ago

Yes Spotie...Anything else you would like to add to our discussion?

Any thoughts on the actual topic?

How do you feel about re-masters? Looking forward to any, are you sick of them? Do you think that some games should be re-mastered more than others?

Care to join in and discuss something for a change?

maniacmayhem1416d ago

I would like to know his thoughts too? But I doubt he would have anything to say, if your not disagreeing with a Sony game or product then he pretty much keeps to himself.

Not what I would call a real gamer.

randomass1711416d ago

I think collections are more valuable and there were lots of those in the PS3 era. I had a PS2 that broke and a PS3 that still worked. At the time I really wanted to play Jak III but didn't have the money to buy another PS2. Instead I spent abut $30 got the HD collection and it was a great buy. I'm the exception to the rule but I would like to point out that HD rereleases are not all bad.

ThePresentIsAgift1416d ago

Choice, is the word on my lips.

Metro Redux is stellar, the original game was kinda broken and hard for the wrong reasons. Now I've finally been able to play it through and enjoy it fully for the masterpiece it always aspired to be.

More often then not the games are rebalanced with additional features EG difficulties, items and DLC including the graphical overhaul.

To me that represents great value and what else would I be playing? If you took away all the multi plats and reduxes from PS4 and XB1 right now there would be only a few games on either system that I wanted to play and as such I probably wouldn't bother.

Kingdomcome2471416d ago

Metro:Redux truly was great, and not just a blatant cash grab. I absolutely love the atmosphere in the games.

MasterCornholio1416d ago

I'm having a blast with Grim Fandango and will welcome more remasters like it. For 15$ the price is quite good. In my opinion some remasters are overpriced for what they are.

Roccetarius1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

Grim Fandango is fine as it's an old game. The majority of currently released or in development remasters can't even be considered old, which means they're either running out of ideas or looking for easy money. I wouldn't be surprised if this gen contributes to speeding up a crash.

It has never been easier, because they have the excuse of no backwards compatibility.

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