E3 press conference timetable shows packed schedule

All times are PST.

Monday, July 14

* 10.30am - Microsoft press conference
* 12.30pm - Square Enix press conference
* 1.00pm - Shane Kim roundtable
* 3.00pm - EA press conference
* 7.00pm - Gears of War 2 reception

Tuesday, July 15

* 9.00am - Show floor opens
* 9.00am - Nintendo press conference
* 11.30am - Sony press conference
* 2.30pm - Ubisoft press conference
* 4.30pm - Capcom press conference

Wednesday, July 16

* 9.15am E3 Keynote by Gov. Perry
* 10.00 am Sony roundtable
* 10.45am Take-Two press conference
* 1.00pm State of the Industry keynote
* 2.30pm Konami press conference

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pwnsause3690d ago

can anyone confirm if each conference is 2 hours long? last year's conference was too short.

Lucreto3689d ago

I doubt it will be 2 hours each but thats the time slot they were given. That is enough time to get people to their seats, do their final checks, start and finish the conference and empty the room for the conference.

ruibing3689d ago

Are these the timetables for a single conference hall or just when they are expected to start in their respective locations? How can Square Enix and Sony roundtable only use half an hour?

gaffyh3689d ago

Anyone know where we can watch most (if not all) of these conferences live somewhere. Usually Gamespot (yeah I know everyone hates them) lets you stream, but I don't think they are going to do it this year :(.

I don't mean Live blogs, and as far as I know IGN charges you to watch...

UnSelf3689d ago

Save the best for the last day

Torch3689d ago

I'm not sure where you are around the globe (gotta love the Internet, eh?), but if you have access to G4 Tech TV, they'll be carrying exclusive coverage.

That's where I watched all the three major keynotes last year.

gaffyh3689d ago

Thanks Torch (bubbles up), I'm in UK by the way which is 7 hours ahead from the E3 local time

Naucious3689d ago

What's the reason why sony and Ubisoft have a span of 3 hours could they leave room for a lunch I guess? but that's a lot of time for lunch, I believe sony is going to be about and hour or so but not 2 or even 3 hours long.

Either way can't wait to watch it on G4 tv thank god for DVR lol

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jamesrocks31473690d ago

konami's conferance is the last one. i no alot of things sayin xbox 360 wont get mgs4 trust me but i always fear it for some reason

aiphanes3690d ago

50GBs bluray vs 9GB DVD9...that says it all..

Lucreto3690d ago

It they are going to announce it I am sure Sony bought a long exclusive period it will be more like next year. My 360 friends are starting to crack and getting a PS3's

dachiefsman3689d ago

why do you fear it? why does it matter if it gets released on the 360 and how does that affect you?

Especially since you have already played the game. If anything you should feel privilege, I am at least.

InMyOpinion3689d ago

The Square Enix press conference is right between MS and Shane Kim. Not saying that it means anything but it sure looks funny.

fox023689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

if only they're more people like you on N4G *sigh*

I hate fanboyz

I hope to see more videos of the upcoming PES

SixTwoTwo3689d ago

I know what your thinking. It ain't happening. Thats final.

Lucreto3689d ago

By your logic Jenzo Capcom will announce Street Fighter 4 will be PS3 exclusive and Prince of Persia for Ubisoft.

Dlacy13g3689d ago

50GB Blu Ray VS 9GB DVD argument is a bit of a moot point. Especially when you factor in all the cutscenes and the 2-3 min load screens inbetween acts and you could EASILY make the argument that multiple disc's would be more than fine for this game. It's completely linear in gameplay and cutscenes so there is no real reason why the game couldn't come out on say 6 discs and just do disc swaps versus the 2-3 min load screens.

InMyOpinion3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

You guys seem to know it all. Your crystal balls must be huge(as for compensation maybe?). Please tell me what's going to happen on E3 since I apparently got it all twisted(without suggesting anything at all).

And Lucreto, please explain to me how my logic works. It must be a coincidence since SquareEnix have announced a bunch of 360 games the last months like Star Ocean 4, Infinite Undiscovery and The Last Remnant. All of a sudden they are supporting the 360 like never before.

Who would have predicted this would happen? Not you and not me. Most of us thought Mistwalker was MS RPG source and that Square Enix saved all their big RPGs for Sony, like they have done in the past years. Seems like it's changing.

Btw, I DO NOT THINK FFXIII IS COMING TO THE 360 SIXTWOTWO, as the deal has already been made between Sony and Square Enix.

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SmokingMonkey3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

is smack-dab in the middle!

i'm guessing this should be the PEAK of the whole show =O

followed by

ZONE OF ENDERS 3 is "hopefully" shown as the last video at E3 (50gb PS3 exclusive of course) leaving everyone's jaw on the floor.

Forbidden_Darkness3689d ago

More like the Climax of the show. Its built up a little bit, than BAM! Sony steals the show!

Ben10543689d ago

sony 3hrs - microsoft 2hrs

hunter213689d ago

hehe dont forget the lunch break. so i think they have all same time hours

SixTwoTwo3689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

They have their 1st Party titles Resistance 2, little big planet, motorstorm pacific rift, socom, killzone 2, infamous, gran turismo 5, plus home and the video store. And thats just the confirmed stuff.

Forbidden_Darkness3689d ago

Microsoft conference 2 hours long.
Nintendo conference 2 and half hours long.
Sony conference 3 hours long.

That just goes to show that Sony has alot more to show off than microsoft, which concludes that sony will steal the show once more! Not even a Halo 4 announcement can stop sony now.

chidj23689d ago (Edited 3689d ago )

nothing cant stop sony

even if microsoft put the xbox 360 @ 10 usd

NMC20073689d ago

If these times are accurate lets not forget that Sony are the masters of wasting time with slide shows and graphs and charts of PS2 and PSP records and such, so don't go getting too excited. LOLZ!

Commandant3689d ago

Was that before or after they kicked Xbox's collective ***?
Because I think that they can show all the charts they want...It's their show. I just really doubt that that's all they'll be showing...