Nintendo Faces Patent Lawsuit, Apparently Over DS Touch Screen

Nintendo, which recently lost a $21 million patent case to Anascape, is currently litigating another federal patent lawsuit filed by an Illinois man.

In his complaint, John R. Martin alleges that he patented touch screen and pointing device gaming technology in August, 2005. The original Nintendo DS launched in November, 2004 in the United States. Martin's patent application describes his creation as:

"An electronic game device system [which] is switchable between an amusement mode and a gaming or gambling mode and is useful for vehicles such as airplanes or boats which move geographically from jurisdictions where gambling is legal to jurisdictions where it is not...

An improved method of operating a touch screen on a CRT or ICD computer screen uses finger release as input registering... Mounting arrangements for mounting computer screens or monitors are also disclosed..."

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Damn, mind you, i'm sure Nintendo can survive if they are sued, its not like they're not making enough money as it is.

eagle213695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

That's what corporate lawyers are for. More money more problems. :)

Wildarmsjecht3695d ago

The whole patent thing is getting ridiculous. I can understand its merits and uses, but it seems like any Joe Schmoe can patent something, not use it for 50 years, and assume no one can think of the idea or a better application for it.

Screw you guys. Breathing apparatus for Mars? Patented. By me. Try and get there now.

xtreampro3695d ago

HEY! you stole my idea of having a breathing apparatus for MARS!, THATS IT am gonna sue you...LOL!

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The story is too old to be commented.