The 5 Biggest Problems With Modern Gaming

Quote: "Gaming has often been faced with turbulent times throughout its illustrious history. Each generation brought about its own problems that would threaten the livelihood of gaming as we know it. In the early days of gaming, with the rise of home consoles such as the Atari 2600, we faced a threat that was so gigantic that it might have snuffed gaming altogether. We are, of course, talking about the great videogame crash that happened when the market was flooded with absolutely dreadful games and subsequently caused gaming to become a bad word within the world. However, we always managed to get out of the rough times and then create amazing experiences that would revolutionise gaming into the next generation thanks to savvy hardware developments and innovators within the medium. The gaming industry appears to be a vicious cycle where it goes through tough times, becomes wildly successful and then crashes to the ground again.

With all of that said, we are well into a new generation and the signs of the vicious cycle are starting to show, especially the tough times part. Modern gaming, as we know it today, has a whole host of problems that somehow need to be solved in order for us to progress and to reach the “wildly successful” part of the vicious cycle. With that, we decided to base this feature on the current problems that are plaguing gaming today as we know it. We decided to focus on only the big issues that require immediate attention. There are little problems that we have considered, but these are the problems that appear to be holding back gaming the most and could prove terribly detrimental if left unchecked."

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SaveFerris1416d ago

Interesting article. I tend to agree with it and with the first comment regarding gamers sense of entitlement. Both corporations and gamers share the blame.

lipton1011416d ago

I think a lot of it comes from immaturity. There was a ton of BS entitlement regarding Destiny. Kids think that games are easy to make yet don't understand that every step is programmed. Textures are created and placed by hand. That spawning mechanisms and loot drops are complex algirhythms that need to be tweaked based on feedback. They see games as discs that go in their magic box of wires and play, nothing more. The pricing on the other hand is something that can be complained about

KrisButtar1416d ago

While I agree the "Lack Of Originality" is a problem. I don't think its an over abundance of sequels that are causing the problem to me but more of the new IPs that play just like every other game in that genre like Watch Dogs, Titan Fall, Destiny, etc

jaymacx1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

Amen to that! Many gamers cry for new IPs yet its just COD with mechs etc. New experiences is what we should cry for, not new characters slapped on an existing game design. Sonic was Mario's rival and yet both series gave you a different experience.

ShaunCameron1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

The truth is most gamers are just as sheepish as the "casual" audience they so love to bash who barely play anything outside of whatever the collective approves of.

Relientk771416d ago

1. DLC
2. Unfinished/broken games
3. DLC
4. Unfinished/broken games
5. DLC

1416d ago
ShaunCameron1416d ago

The unintended consequences of being a Sony/Microsoft gamer.

user66974831416d ago

1Online gaming 2 releasing broken/unfinished games 3 games don't have offline multiplayer 4 disc lock content 5 mandatory installs

Jubez1871416d ago

There's a difference between things being bad in current gen gaming, and you being ignorant and stuck in the past