Throwdown Ep. 20 – “Nintendo on the Decline”

Tony Polanco from The Koalition writes:

"Given the most recent earnings report from Nintendo, we decided to make tonight’s main topic about the Japanese gaming giant. We get into a discussion about how, despite catering to their fans, the company continues to struggle to remain relevant. Why is the Wii U system failing to sell despite it having more exclusives than its competitors? Is the 3DS the only thing keeping Nintendo afloat? Would becoming a third party developer help them? We get into all of this."

Other topics include: PS Vita losing three apps, Joystiq shutting down, the Fantastic Four trailer, and a the live-action X-Men TV series.

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MoreGravyPleez1416d ago

This was a good show. Got heated in the Nintendo segment lol

wonderfulmonkeyman1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

Going third party would hurt more than help.
Nintendo has reported a net profit despite the low sales, and Amiibos are selling like wild-fire.
And Nintendo hasn't even gotten its full catalog of first party IP's out on the system yet, most of which will certainly see profits rise even further.

To say that Nintendo's somehow in danger enough that they'd need to do something as stupid as go third party is just erroneous.
It's called a slump.
It happens to all game companies at one point or another.
Nintendo isn't going to need to pull a Sega in order to "stay relevant."
Hell, the fact that they're still garnering that much attention despite being third place in sales means they're still plenty relevant in the industry, whether haters want to admit it or not.

donwel1415d ago

Plus Nintendo have a cash store larger than a fat mans larder, they won't be going anywhere soon.

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benji1011416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

It is amazing, Nintendo posts profits of over 200 million dollars and the snakes and slime come out in their droves screaming doom.

This on the cusp of Nintendo releasing a Zelda game and an updated hand held, a update that has already sold 2 million units in 3 months in one country. These doom mongers are desperate.
Always they talk about the wii u. However, the wii u is only 2 years old and is at half the sales of the game cube. What is more the install base buys software with over 50 million games sold to only 9 million consoles. However, it was the sales drop in America of the 3ds that caused Nintendo to half their estimated profits. The wii U is performing exactly as Nintendo predicted for 2014. Experts my ass.
Nintendo is not losing money.
They are only making money.
So what are these so called experts even talking about?
It is clear that the negativity towards Nintendo stems from a very strange place.

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