Gear VR Completely Sells Out in UK on First Day

VRFocus- Today is the day that many UK-based virtual reality (VR) fans have been waiting for as Samsung has finally launched its Gear VR smartphone-based head-mounted display (HMD) in the area. It didn’t take long for the bundle version of the device, which includes an official Samsung Bluetooth Android controller, to sell out and now the standalone edition of the kit is also gone. That means that Gear VR has entirely sold out in the UK in its first day of availability.

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XanderZane1418d ago

I hadn't even heard of this device. I guess we'll wait for the reviews on it now. Will this device launch in the U.S., Canada and Japan as well? Where else has it launched besides the UK?

PoSTedUP1418d ago

i dunno. but i do hope it takes off and gets more ppl into VR.

VforVideogames1418d ago

I'll just wait for Hololens later this year. The future is near.

XanderZane1418d ago

Not sure why there are disagrees. What's there to disagree about? If the thing has sold out, there must be some interest in VR headsets. I'm just looking for more info and where you can go to demo one of them.

Macdaddy711418d ago

It's just a new toy, n for $200 I don't see it being that great,...why waste the money I wish Sony n MS would not waste time on there own kind of VR...I hope it flops so they can move on to making AAA games for our systems

Perjoss1418d ago

With this kind of mentality things would never evolve, its a good thing people like Luckey and Carmack are in charge and not you.

Antifan1418d ago

Should bring a sign to investors that VR and AR is the next big thing.