What is Happening to Claire’s Legs? Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Raid Mode First Look

Colin Gallacher: Adam & I take a look at Resident Evil: Revelations 2′s fast paced Raid mode and wonder how Claire Redfield manages to do that with her legs.

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NiteX1415d ago

Ha, this just looks terrible. Like a cheap F2P game.

DarkOcelet1415d ago

Did you play Revelations 1? if you did then you know that Raid mode is one of the best addition to the series, i spent over 200 hours on it. While i am really pissed off about the microtransactions here. It certainly looks interesting.

DualWielding1415d ago

Revelations 1 raid mode was epic.... but this seems too fast paced and microtransactions are a big turn off

robothouserock1415d ago

Claire was not in Resident Evil 1. She made here first appearance in 2 unlike they say in this video.

VTKC1415d ago

micro transaction? Scamcom strikes again. Keep digging Scamcom. You will hit rock bottom eventually.

WizzroSupreme1415d ago

Maybe she got bit and now she's a zombie jogger.

fitfox1412d ago

I didn't see it are her legs messed up?