PlayStation TV Is Only $60 Today

The PlayStation TV was a questionable investment when it launched at $99, but Sony's new reasonably-priced PlayStation Now subscription plans have made it a far more valuable addition to your gaming fleet. If you've been on the fence, it might be time to jump on this $60 deal from Best Buy.

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KrisButtar1418d ago

If only that price in Canada. Its cheaper to import the thing then buy it here atm.

lizard6king61418d ago

Still may not be worth it, for me at least and most gamers who already have a PS3 and PS4

Eidolon1418d ago

For those with a PS3, the Vita is a better choice for portability and full vita game support, unless you are buying for another TV in the house and you just want to play PSP/PSX and certain Vita games and media. For PS4, the PS TV can act as a remote play device if you're too lazy or it's too much of a hassle to move the PS4.(I don't like remote play, it's just not the same)

GribbleGrunger1418d ago

That's an odd statement considering this is mainly for people who want to play VITA games on their TVs.

bmf73641418d ago

Killzone Mercenary being amongst them. I recommend it to anyone as a real "shooter on the go"

uth111418d ago

If you have a family or roomates that share TVs, having the ability to remote-play on an unused TV is awesome.

Yodagamer1418d ago

Now that you mention the ps3 (in regards to the vita tv) i wonder why the ps3 can't handle ps4 streaming. It would be awesome XD

rainslacker1418d ago

At what point does the console become worth it? There are a lot of games worth playing, and $60 for this is kind of a bargain. Since you have a PS3, the chances that you don't have to buy another controller are also high.

If you have PS+, then it's well worth $60 just to play all those games they've been giving away for so long...most of the big ones have made it over the last couple years...although there are some which don't work.

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SmokingMonkey1418d ago

I am going to BB today.

$60 for PSTV is worth it for someone who has a ton of Vita games or anyone with a PS+ sub. for that matter.

Freedom Wars on the big screen....yes please.

Dirtnapstor1418d ago

Please let me know... Will it stream/play any vita games? I've got a healthy amount of vita games, but no vita. $60 would be worth it if that's the case.

Dirtnapstor1418d ago

Never mind... Checked out the list.

XanderZane1418d ago

Not really worth it for me since I already have a PS3 that can play all the PS2 and PS1 games and I literally own hundred and hundreds of PS1, PS2 and PS3 games. I still think PSNow's subscription price is overpriced right now, especially since it doesn't have any PS2 or PS1 games in it's library. If they had done a $10 a month or $100 a year subscription fee, I think a lot more people would have jumped on bored. PSTV is only good for letting you play PSVita games on the big screen. I don't see any other great use for it really. It's good that Best Buy lowered the price, but will Sony drop the price permanently?

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