First details and screens of new Tales game - Tales of Heart


- Confirmed for DS
- "Combination Aerial LMBS" battle system
- other characters not in battle can join battle if conditions are met
- Theme song by DEEN. Title "Towa no Ashita" or "Eien no Asu"
- developed by Team Destiny
- 2D anime art, 3D CGI
- Choose between 2D/3D cutscenes (possibly 2 retail games)

Screens at link

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Ogrekiller3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

Another Tales for the DS!

PS360WII3732d ago

Yeah those are two neat screens. I wonder if this one will make it outside Japan

3732d ago
KingKirchner3732d ago

they havn't even relased Tales of Innocence outside Japan yet. :(

Perverted3732d ago

You can always import if you don't mind JPN text/voices.....
All the same I look forward to an English language release :D