CD Projekt: The Witcher 3 is a “Slighty Different Kind of Experience” Compared to Dragon Age

During our The Witcher 3 interview with CD Projekt RED, we asked Level Designer Miles Tost and VP of Global MarketingTomasz Jarzbowski what differences do their RPG have compared Dragon Age: Inquisition.

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vishmarx1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

i voted for dragon age over witcher in every poll prior to playing it.
but holy hell is that overrated as f*** . it lacks pretty much everything that made da o special. i played through two worlds 2 and risen 3 but i cannot not finish dragon age inquisition to save my life.
witcher will easily destroy da i, even if cdpr cant buy multiple gotys or reviews scores.
and no im not trolling , ive spent plenty of time with da i
and ill pm you my psn if you want proof

thekhurg1387d ago

DA:I has basically everything Origins had and then some. It's packed full of lore, great characters, intense combat, and then the inclusion of far better and more diverse fights and a larger variety of locations.

vishmarx1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

its packed full of the same 5 types of enemies(orange goo,bandit,tree branch monster,flying witch that uses ice beam), redundant un rewarding sidequests and a useless loot system, and mindlessly boring spammy combat
by the time you hit lv15, your skillset and strat will be sufficient to deal with every single enemy in the game.not to mention 80% of the skills are passive.
also the difficulty is un balanced.nightmare wrecks you in 2 shots in leu of healing while youre immortal on anything below.
also you have to force yourself to not play as tempest or knight enchanter since its downright impossible to kill one(fade touched obsidian) and the other one shots everything in the game
the environments are a sight to behold though

Multiplatguy1387d ago

Couldn't disagree more. I liked Origins but hate Inquisition. The lore seems uninteresting, the characters uninspired and unlikable; wouldn't bother me if any of them died (unlike Mass Effect which would devastate me), the combat is slow and boring to me, the enemy variety is horrible and the game feels like an MMO with those huge empty areas, bad quests and bad combat.

To each their own but in my opinion, DAI is one of the most overrated games of 2014.

thekhurg1387d ago


There are significantly more enemy types in Inquisition than Origins.

The loot is a lot better because you can actually craft and change weapon properties to your play style.

At level 15 in Origins your strat was already set as well.

Roughly half the skills are passive, not 80%.

Nightmare is hard, more news @10.

Troll harder.

JsonHenry1387d ago

I beat the first Dragon Age and loved it start to finish.

However DA:I.. I can't force myself to keep playing. It is so damn boring. Its got MMO combat in a single player game. I'll pass. Not to mention the "leveling" (basically getting to pick a new perk) is so dumbed down it isn't funny. No stat builds or anything like that.

Give me Witcher 3 please. DA:I was a bust.

thekhurg1387d ago

Same skill set focused combat in DA:I that was in Origins.

JsonHenry1387d ago

Without the stats the skill build tree is a glorified version of Borderlands "leveling". Actually, it isn't even glorified. It IS the same thing.

Yes, the depth of the RPG elements in character development are the exact same as in Borderlands. Skill tree and better loot. So yeah, DA:I has the same system as in Borderlands. New Loot+very limited skill tree set-stats=Borderlands/DA:I.

That might help put things into perspective.

Antifan1387d ago

Why the contradiction? DA:O has MMO-style combat as well

JsonHenry1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

No, DA:O has Baldurs Gate style gameplay.

Bioware themselves said that DA:O was made, intentionally, as a spiritual successor to Baldurs Gate.

thekhurg1386d ago

No, DA:O has the same style combat that DA:I has - which by your own words is a MMO style combat. Origins has the exact same tank/dps/healer profiles that MMOs have, has aggro tables, taunts, defensive cooldowns, etc...

JsonHenry1386d ago

Having the same classes does not=same gameplay. Dark souls has casters, tanks, and rogue builds. But it isn't the same style of gameplay.

The fact that the gameplay is so different from Origins is exactly why part 2 failed so horribly.

And don't take it from me. It was Bioware themselves that said that part 1 was a spiritual successor to Baldurs Gate while part 2 and the newest are not.

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--bienio--1387d ago

Before I buy and play DA:I I could Agree with You, but Now after 40h(still playing) I can say DA:I is great game, just try, enjoy and wait for The Witcher 3.

GCO Gamer1387d ago

The Witcher is a much, much deeper game then Dragon Age. To put it simply, Dragon Age is AAA and The Witcher is indie-AAA. The Witcher has a defined purity to it, Dragon Age is heavy weapon in that comparison.

FullmetalRoyale1387d ago


Utter nonsense. The Witcher looks fantastic, but you are going too far.

BallsEye1387d ago

While I love Witcher series and even know some of the makers in person (living in same city), I don't think you can call it a much deeper game than Dragon Age. Let's not forget that DA has plenty of classes, unique character skills etc. JUst tons of tons of combinations and very deep combat. Witcher just has 1 character with a pre-defined "class" that you can customize. That of course doesn't mean anything bad. Thanks to having one hero, they could focus on a living, breathing world, and that's what's most important for me in an RPG.

WickedLester1387d ago

In The Witcher, do you have multiple people in your party that you can control like in Dragon Age or is it just the one character like in Elder Scrolls?

Truehellfire1387d ago

Probably the easiest to describe it (though an oversimplification) would be to say that it is a single character open world rpg like Skyrim, but with 3rd person action combat like the Batman Arkham games.

tlougotg1387d ago

I hope so because Dragon Age imo was boring as hell and those dumb fetch quests are just so redundant and stupid. Makes you realize and appreciate an action RPG like Demon/Dark Souls that is so much better, rewarding, combat you think about and never redundant.

I hope FromSoftware and creators of Souls series never go out of business!!!

thekhurg1387d ago

News flash:

You don't have to complete every fetch quest. There's way more content in DA:I than is needed to get through the game.

Roccetarius1387d ago

Obviously you're only controlling one character. The story is quite different compared to DA:I and they're pushing more limits than Bioware would ever dare to do. Combat seems to be much more engaging as well, compared to the button mashing you're doing in DA:i, but that's to be expected from what was almost an MMO. The main and side quests will be interesting to see in Witcher 3, because DA:I was sorely lacking in that area, while adding a bunch of filler quests with little relevance.

The world itself is likely larger than DA:I as well, considering you have both over and underwater areas to explore. They're not using the smaller hub world areas like DA:I does.

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