Dying Light - The Challenges of Officially Adapting for VR

VRFocus- Virtual reality (VR) has a lot going for it right now. Fantastic hardware, almost limitless indie support and opportunities that stretch far beyond videogames. One thing that is arguably lacking however, is AAA titles. Many publishers have said that they're interested in the new medium but few have been willing to publicly takes steps in showing their work. That will soon change, with both SEGA and Techland having revealed their early prototype efforts on big releases.

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SaveFerris1411d ago

Sounds like adapting a game to VR is going to be tricky. Making a VR game from the ground up for VR could be just as complex. For the sake of immersion, do you allow the player the freedom to do almost anything? Lack of freedom will kill the immersion for me personally. You may have to account for the player not necessarily co-operating with the game. For example, if you have to talk to another character face to face, you'd have to program the NPC to respond to the player turning away or some other action.
IMO truly immersive VR games are a long way off but Oculus Rift and Morpheus are a good start.

MysticStrummer1411d ago

Interesting. I never thought about how little details like that might could impact VR and a person's reaction to it. I'd love to play Dying Light in VR if possible though.