New Project Cars Screenshots Showcase Road Cars

VRFocus- It’s just under two months now until Slightly Mad Studio launches its anticipated new racing videogame, Project CARS. The title recently suffered a small delay that moved it into 2015, but it’s now anticipating a launch in late March. Today sees the developer provide a little more information of the virtual reality (VR) compatible title as it showcases road cars for the first time. A total of five images of this new vehicle can be seen below.

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tucky1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

Impressive screenshots ... I really prefer that to driveclub (that I already sold like all the people I know)

Now I have to decide on which support to buy it

crazychris41241413d ago

Forget road cars I want some air cars or even deep sea cars

spicelicka1413d ago

Graphics themselves are amazing but I find the locations they used in this game to be very bland. Everything is plain, where are the mountains? The terrain? The forests? That's one of the reasons Driveclub really sticks out so much, because the scenery is so emphasized.

audiophile1011413d ago

that is because Driveclub is more arcade racer whereas this is mainly Simulation. so it will be based around mostly circuit tracks. There may be a few road courses but thats it

spicelicka1411d ago

Ah i see, that does explain it actually. But it's a bothersome fact. I would have loved to see what the engine could do with dense landscapes and mountains. It's one of those things that holds the game back as a simulation. But I guess for a true simulation fanatic, it's acceptable.

ATi_Elite1413d ago

Looks great plays better. I like the many car options and race modes.