New Star Wars : The Force Unleashed screenshots

Lucas Arts published a batch of new Star Wars: The Force Unleashed screenshots for Nintendo Wii. Check them out.

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PS360WII3732d ago (Edited 3732d ago )

Nice looking good :)

Panthers3732d ago

They sure are hyping the Wii version of this. I hope they put the deserved effort into the 360/PS3 versions.

GiantEnemyCrab3732d ago

I think the lead platform is the PS3 so I'm very skeptical how well it's going to turn out.

justaddh303732d ago

i'm hoping for this to be epic but i'm skeptical. believe

Nitrowolf23732d ago

umm does darth vader look kind of small in one of those picture with the wookie
i mean it looks like a kid is inside his suit or something

GametimeUK3732d ago

... actually its not... I want to believe that I can play an enjoyable Star Wars game but past experiences prove that theres a higher possibility that I will be dissapointed with this game... Im not saying a great Star Wars game cant be made (kotor & rs for example)... Im just saying I will have to wait and see

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