Lori Ingham: I, not the state, will decide what games my kids can play

Lori Ingham of Union Leader writes: "As I've gotten older, I've learned the importance of self-regulating. The government is not very good at it, so it's up to us to determine what is right for us and what is right for our children."

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darkshiz3692d ago

Spot on what "Parents" should be doing.

Asurastrike3692d ago

The chick in the picture is hot. IGN gave her a 9/10

thereapersson3692d ago

I'm sick of goverment officials thinking that they can play the role of parents for society. We need more action on the ground level, in the areas that actually matter (parents, mentors, etc). Kudos to her for her stance on this type of thing.

kornbeaner3692d ago

About time. Even though this won't do anything in the grand scheme of things, but babysteps do count for something. Hopefully this article will do something to raise the awareness of parents and make them stop listening to people like Jack Thompson and Hilary Clinton who don't anything about videogames.