Innovative Bot Colony game pulled — cost $3 million to make but only sold $10,000

Bot Colony allowed players to interact directly with A.I. robots, but it was only selling two copies a day.

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acekaze1391d ago

So.... 3 million on the game, but surely none on advertising because this is the 1 time i hear of this game, has i bet its the same for other people also.

Cy1391d ago

I read about it once in an issue of GameInformer like a year or two ago, then never heard anything again. Yeah their marketing was terrible, obviously. Sad, because it seems like it could have been a big leap forward in how dialogue in games is handled.

SoulMikeY1391d ago

I don't see where any of that 3 million went either... even looking at the game.


XanderZane1391d ago

They should have actually checked the market FIRST before even making the game. How many people out there wanted a social A.I. Bob Colony type game? Did they even research a few 100K gamers and get their opinions on if this is something they would play. This type of game seems to be for a niche market, so even if they did advertise this game properly, I doubt it would have sold millions or even hundred of thousands. I wonder what SEGA had to do with this game. Hopefully they didn't invest. I feel bad for the guy, but this is a serious lesson, that's well learned.

lemoncake1391d ago

Person(s) in charge of this need to take some marketing and business qualification, because while they might be good programmers they have no idea how to sell a product or run a company.

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Jdoki1391d ago

Congratulations North Side... You've managed to market closing down your game better than the launch!!

What were they expecting!? I use Steam loads, but never once saw this game featured. I have never seen a preview, review, article, news story, or ADVERT for Bot Colony!

Shame... it sounds interesting.

Volkama1391d ago

It is actually still up on Steam Early Access, and the user reviews are hardly encouraging. It doesn't sound like the product is anywhere close to a state where it could or should make money.

Sad to see any dev pour their passion and money into a doomed project, but it looks like this project was badly managed from the off.

PoSTedUP1391d ago

some venturer is Pissed right now.

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NuggetsOfGod1391d ago (Edited 1391d ago )

Spending $2.5M on beer and hookers will shut down any game studio.

RaidensRising1391d ago

Nice. Made me chuckle. I like the sound of the concept but as others have said there's been no advertising.

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