Why you might be playing Bloodborne for a long, long time

Fred Dutton says "If you’ve played one of FromSoftware’s brilliant, brutal Souls games, you’ll know that they can suck you in for months at a time. I’ll sheepishly admit to having lost a couple of hundred hours to the series myself. Depending on your perspective then, you’ll be happy to hear that the studio’s forthcoming PS4 debut, Bloodborne, will offer just as much value, with the main adventure comparable in scope to any of the Souls games"

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ps4gamer19831416d ago

Ok I been playing FromSoftwares games since I was a child, and now I am 32. Yet the director at FromSoft looks like he never aged a bit. Same with Kojima.

What the hell are these Japanese men eating?!

SpinalRemains1381415d ago

Yeah they eat fetuses. I've seen the movie. Its gross.

RG_Dubz1417d ago

And if you expect Bloodborne to be Dark Souls you will be sadly disappointed.

PoopsMcGee1416d ago

Yeah. It should be better.

Si-Fly1416d ago

If you're expecting it to be vastly different you'll be disappointed buddy!

theshredded1416d ago

now that's some meaty replay value and this news is a bit old...

Summons751416d ago

If it's anything like Demon's Souls it there will be no question. I played DS for nearly a year straight, Dark Souls not so much

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The story is too old to be commented.