Dying Light Is The Cure To My Dead Island Blues

TheSixthAxis gives its first impressions of Techland's Dying Light, discussing the pre-release pressure and comparisons to Dead Island. This article covers the opening hours of the game as well as its online co-op.

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MysticStrummer1414d ago

"I can still remember the bitter disappointment I endured when playing Dying Light’s original predecessor, Dead Island.

Although not a bad game in concept it seriously lacked polished, constantly stumbling over a network of game-breaking glitches. Personally, I became jaded with Techland’s survival horror series having been one of the unlucky few to have hours of progress stripped away from them courtesy of a particularly nasty glitch."

Oh man. I too went through that irritation multiple times. I played through large chunks of the game again and again before the game would acknowledge that I did them. I also had quest items not be rewarded, I made weapons and had them vanish from my inventory or off the ground after throwing them, vehicles would vanish out from under me while I was driving them, zombies would sink into the ground and then reappear nearby, and the game was guaranteed to freeze multiple times if I played co-op. Buggiest game I've ever played in my life.

I hesitated to buy Dying Light for those reasons, but the early reports were good and I had a Christmas gift card burning a hole in my pocket so I got the game. I'm glad I did.

UnHoly_One1414d ago

Damn, what platform did you play it on???

I played it right from the get go at launch on 360 and never had any major issues at all.

There were a couple times I saw a zombie body disappear with my weapons stuck it, making them disappear as well, but that is it.

I literally never had any other issues. I've played through that game at least half a dozen times, some solo, some co-op. It's one of my favorite 360 games.

This game is obviously VERY heavily influenced by Dead Island. But it does EVERYTHING better.

It's a masterpiece, as far as I'm concerned. I love every second of it, even when I don't properly judge a jump and break both my legs. :D

MysticStrummer1414d ago

I played it on PS3, also from day one, but I know people who did the same and didn't have all those problems. Bugs are funny and I guess I was just "lucky" but the other side of that coin is that I had almost no problems playing Skyrim on PS3 while many others did. Go figure.

I agree, Dying Light does everything Dead Island did except it does those things better and it adds some cool new wrinkles. Fun stuff.

UnHoly_One1414d ago

Wow, luck of the draw, huh?

You had glitches with Dead Island that I don't even remember reading about.


MysticStrummer1414d ago

I know. I was called a liar more than once on here for talking about those glitches. People thought I was hating on the game. I liked the game, it was just incredibly frustrating.

shadow18spirit1414d ago

I like dead island better, dying light seems a bit boring to be honest.

LAWSON721414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

You must be a huge fan of things that resemble trash or perhaps a turd.

Dead Island is trash and it pisses me off every time I see how well it sold. It is always nice to see atrocious game design, poor storytelling, broken gameplay and mechanics, and just a mess full of bugs and glitches sell over 4-5 million copies when so many great titles hardly break a million. The presentation is very much FC 3 mixed with Dead Island and it is not a bad thing

Dying Light surprised me it is a much better game. It runs pretty well with few bugs and on a technical side it is solid with short load times and joining friends is not a pain. It is pretty to look at and run smooth.

The gameplay is solid, but lacks depth and variety with weapons, however the parkour is usually a damn good time though can be a pain sometimes.

The story is a flaw IMO I feel it tries to tackle to much far too quickly, the characters are talked about like they are close to my character when we had like two conversations.

The game design is okay but nothing earth shattering. The missions remind me of Borderlands, and the side quests can be pretty good by not always being fetch quests. The main missions can be engaging and remind me of FC3.

Kidmyst1414d ago

I liked both Dead Islands but Dying Light is much better. It's almost like it was made by a totally separate company despite some Dead Island similarities. I'm more hooked on Dying Light than I ever was with the Dead Islands. Only gripe is not having some sort of fast travel. The Companion App is nice too in that you can collect items and send them to the game.

UnHoly_One1414d ago

Fast Travel would kill the game, in my opinion.

Getting from A to B is half the fun.

In fact, I purposely sleep until it is night sometimes before heading out, just to mix it up. You can get a lot of Survivor XP in a hurry that way, especially if you raid the air drops.

MysticStrummer1414d ago

Dying Light is better than Dead Island in pretty much every way.

UnHoly_One1413d ago

That's true.

The worst part about Dying Light is that the movement and parkour in it probably kind of ruined Dead Island 2 for me.

I wish that Dead Island 2 would have come out first.

windblowsagain1414d ago

I thought dead island was boring.

I don't have dying light because I think I'll feel the same way.

Scrivlar1414d ago

Dead Island was a great Idea but had some flaws that were too big to ignore, for example the amount of times you had to hit zombies in the head to kill them was ridiculous and made every encounter twice as long as it should've been. Any zombie film or tv show you're looking at 1 or 2 hits to the head max before their heads caved in. It was something that bugged me a lot.

UnHoly_One1414d ago

I never saw a problem with that at all. A Zombie can walk around all messed up the way it is, I see no reason to believe hitting it on the head once or twice should kill it.

Plus it's a game, not a movie. They need to make things work a certain way for fun and balance, not necessarily according to perceived realism.

Just so you know not to bother buying it....

At the beginning of this game, before you power up and get better weapons, the zombies are much harder to kill than they were in Dead Island.

Scrivlar1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

Well yeah but hitting them on the head 14 times is extremely boring and not enjoyable, That's not encouraging news about dying light either, thanks for telling me though. I'll probably still get it anyway haha

UnHoly_One1413d ago

I guess I should quantify that statement a little so as not to mislead you.

They are harder to fight, but maybe not necessarily harder to kill. I mean, 2 or 3 of them are far more dangerous than 2 or 3 of the zombies in Dead Island in the early game.

The main difference in the games is that you'll start to get better weapons that outclass the zombies in Dying Light and make them more manageable, whereas with the leveling system in Dead Island, it remained fairly static throughout the game because the zombies leveled up as you did.

Right now, for instance, I'm carrying a blade that pretty much cuts through any regular zombie I run into. Arms, legs, heads, torsos... Zombie parts flying everywhere. lol

Scrivlar1413d ago

Haha nice I like the sound of that, yeah that was something that frustrated me about Dead Island and Oblivion especially so glad they don't level up with you in Dying Light :)

UnHoly_One1412d ago

There really aren't even "levels" to speak of.

Nothing that you can see, anyway.

You gain levels and skills in three different categories, and occasionally you'll see weapons in stores that you can't buy because they are level locked, but the enemies themselves have no visible level in any way.

Fasttrack761414d ago

Dying light has surprised me, i love it, having so much fun and most the time just find myself exploring the island forgetting ive got a story to complete. 10/10 from me