Gears of War 2 - 5 New Screens & Trailer

Gears of War 2 picks up six months after the events of the original, and thrusts players back into a deep and harrowing story of humankind's epic battle for survival against a nightmarish force of underground creatures known as the Locust Horde. Via WorthPlaying.

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Jandre023661d ago

They arent in game are they? Gears 2 looks much better than this.

AngryTypingGuy3661d ago

Yeah, those screenshots are crap. Go to if you want to see game screenshots the way they were meant to be seen.

Here are the Gears 2 videos and screenshots that let you see the game for the visual masterpiece that it really is:

AngryTypingGuy3661d ago

LOLing at the fangirls who disagreed with me. One disagreed within 1 minutes time, not even enough to check out the pics. Pathetic douches. I don't need to argue, click the link and see for yourself how amazing the game looks. You'll need a 360 to play it. :-)

poos33661d ago

just like fablw 2 screens =) we have seen the gameplay of gears of war 2 not cgi but actually multplayer gameoplay no matterwhat type of crap pics droids post every 1 has seent he gameplay and its the best looking game on consoles .

Kleptic3660d ago

what are you talking about typing guy?...those are what 'actual' gameplay shots look like...those are unaltered gameplay shots...not the normal bullshots that Epic is notorious for...

Epic did it with Gears 1...Epic did it with UT3...and they are doing it again with Gears 2...

it will be a great looking game...but you linked to a site full of artwork shots...Everyone knows that UE3 is NOT capable of those visuals on a 360...or even a highen PC right now for that can always tell what UE3 shots are real time gameplay, and what Epic had some fun with before releasing...

that isn't a dig at Gears 2...Guerilla did the same thing with Killzone 2 after E3 last year...ubisoft is said to be doing it currently with Far Cry 2...devs do it all the time...but its ignorant to say "thats not what the game looks like, check these screens out"...all that was most likely exactly what the game looks like currently...the multiplayer videos shown looked like that anwyay...

there still a few months to polish it up...but come on is a UE3 have to know by now pretty much what its going to look like...

AngryTypingGuy3660d ago (Edited 3660d ago )

Kleptic, just so you know, I have a 1080P Samsung. They have the big teaser video on Xbox Live, which included lots of in-game footage as we all know. I can assure everyone that Gears 2 in-game looks amazing, and certainly way better than those crappy shots with poor video and resolution.

It certainly is funny how every Gears shot looks amazing and then these four happen to come out with crappy quality, and people can't shut their mouths about it.

Speaking of Killzone 2, I recall a certain big gaming magazine saying that Gears 2 looks better than Killzone 2. I guess we shall see for ourselves.

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Cartesian3D3661d ago

they look like sh!t compare to EPIC official screens (from Mag) ..

sorry but I think there is a problem.. because the textures arent even better than gears 1 on PC..

it must be Pre-alpha or sth..

InMyOpinion3661d ago

Agree. These screens don't look good at all.

truth for gamers3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

they look pretty good to me.
check out the new gameplay video here:

xxGrimLogxx3661d ago

"EPIC official screens"

aka the 5000x5000 rez 16xAA renders with the material and poly counts ramped way the hell up and then scaled down and touched up in Photoshop that Epic continues to try to pass off as 'in game' shots?

This is what Gears of War actually looks like in person. Epic really needs to stop playing these games. They are just setting themselves and everyone up for needless disappointment.

jwatt3661d ago

It looks better in motion!

xxGrimLogxx3661d ago

Gears of War marketing:

Gears of War actual direct feed screenshot:

Unless the footage or capture comes from someone other than Epic you can be assured it is fake. Either running on a high end PC for gameplay vids or the silly marketing renders.

People believed the fake screenshots Epic put out for the first Gears of War because they desperately wanted to believe their system was more powerful than it really was. Epic got away with the lies because people and the gaming press wanted something to disprove the Xbox 1.5 label the system had for the first year it was on the market.

It looks like there are still people who want Epic to lie to them once again.

donator3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

I don't care if you're a PS3 fanboy or Xbox360 fanboy. The FACT is that those screen shots do not look good and nowhere near the official screen shots. Does that mean the game will end up looking like that? Most likely not.

But I don't understand how some of you can sit there and say that those screen shots look good when they clearly do not. Stop being blind. Open your eyes.

Cartesian3D3661d ago

4 disagree for what? because I said the fact!

Im a gears fan, played Gears 1 on 360 and PC . I didnt remember the 360 version exactly but Im sure gears 1 on PC looks far more better then these screens (in term of textures,AA,HDR..)

they must work on AA,textures and visual effects .

BTW Gears 1 on pc was awesome because I could run it with a 8600GT 256Mb on High detail,1440x900 resolution with stable 30+ framerate (u need atleast 2 GB main memory to run it smoothly specially between checkpoints cuz of map loading)

NRG3661d ago

Developers have been taking high resolution, PC rendered screenshots for exclusive console games for years now. Not just Epic people. Pretty pictures sell, especially considering it's not actually altering content.

People need to wake up and realize the resolution on your computer's desktop alone is probably higher than half of the game's on their console.

gaffyh3661d ago

OMG these screens shouldn't have been released, the game looks really bad in these shots. I wasn't expect much of a graphical leap from Gears 1, but this doesn't look any better at all. :(

Bolts3661d ago

Ugh, that looks like crap. The PC version totally owns Gears 2 so bad its sad.

Here's a look at the low res screenshots of Gears of War on the PC. Keep in mind these shots isn't even in 1080p with all the options on and it still totally destroy Gears 2.

marionz3661d ago

yes these pics are awefull, the origonal gow looks better then these pics.

so obviously these are early shots, and to all those that say epic puts out lots of touched up pics, yeah sure there may be some but they never try to pass them off as actual game play, and from the gameplay ive seen in gow1 and the vids of gow2 most of there pics are on the money, this however is a case of bad or old pics, because by now everyone has seen gow2 running and everyone knows how fine it looks.

Glad to be a gamer3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

1)Gears 1 looks alot better then these screen shots

2)Gears 2 hd gameplay video on live looks alot better than these shots and better than gears 1

3)These shots are awful.

But i think we all know that most people on here dont want the truth or the facts as that would mean they would not have somthing to hate on gears/360 for.

Enjoy you flaming ive got work and then ill probably play some games in the evening. So i guess i won't here from most of you as you will be to busy commenting on the next rrod/end of the 360 glory days articles. Lol....

N4G most on here don't even play games they just sit around waiitng for threads to comment on articles that hate on the competition and games they wll never play untill it comes to the pc 1 year after the party has ended on the 360.

Sad,lame,pitiful and any other word you can thnk of that denotes the same sentiment as these.


Glad to be a gamer3661d ago

What racing gmaes are those in 1 playing at the mo online?

Im betting most don't play GT5p online in its current state. I play Pgr4,forza2,test drive, colin mcrae dirt and grid.

How about online fighting games? tekken 5 the only one that comes to mind and i myself own it for my Ps2.

Im playing Vf5 :online and Naruto: rise of the ninja (dam forest of death exam)

Oh what about RPG's? folklore?!

Im still playing my way though Mass effect and Eternal Sonata and need to play some lost odyessy as well.

Oh and what about the shooters Cod4 res maybe.

Im playing Halo3,gears and used to play cod4 untill i sold it(like my futuristic shooters more)

Whatabout rts. Thank god Ps3 guys got civ revolution becasue before that there was no rts genre on the ps3 i think.

Cc3 is great by the way and im sure the expansion will be great to. But unfortunately Ea ain't bringing it to the PS3.

Now go and list the games coming out this year or next and dont forget to cross out the getaway and eight days. Lbp,soccom,mgs4 esisitance 2 this year against lo,ninja gaiden 2, fable2,BK tools,viva pinata:tip and infinte undiscovery. looks good from both sides of the grass.

But don't try walking before you can crawl. SO4/last remnant exc/TE must of hurt. Oh well mgs4 big boss mode is waiting.

COULDN'T RESIST its to easy and with there constant hating i though its about time some one brought them into the real world.

gaffyh3661d ago

@Glad to be a Gamer - I do own a 360 and I did own Gears 1, and have seen Gears 2 HD video. You are right that the gameplay video looks a lot better than these screenshots. There's no need to be a fanboy over other people's opinions. How has the PS3 got anything to do with this story?

Seems like you're so afraid of the PS3 lineup and the fact that you don't own one that you have to list every game on the 360 as "proof" that it is better. Each console has it's great games, personally MGS has been my favourite series since MGS1 on PS1, and MGS4 easily is better than any other game available on any console (Yes it is better than Halo 3 (OK, annoying backtracking in every level), GeOW (Very Good but crappy story) and Bioshock (Very very Good)).

Oh yeah Lost Odyssey is pretty good if you haven't played it yet, it's just like a Square Enix RPG (it is much better than Mass Effect IMO). Only thing I didn't like about it was I thought it was too easy (although I did every side mission and collected every accessory except the stupid Pipot Collar)

Glad to be a gamer3660d ago

Im not scared or worried infact i can't wait for a few more must haves to come out for the Ps3 as then ill have more great games to play.

I have stated many times that ill be getting a Ps3 to accompany my wii/360 once i think its worthwhile from a gaming perspective(already have a laptop/computer.)

Right now i have a backlog of games due to not having much time to play(haven't played ng2 either yet.) But my point is any gamer loves great games so when tekken 6,wipe out hd, white knight chronicles among others as well as DS3 packaged with the ps3 come out ill be the first in line.

Its all about the games Mgs4 looks great but i havent even played the third one and for me unchartered/mgs4 ain't enough for me to drop £300 notes on.

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Bill Gates3661d ago

QueefyB should really stop calling this Gears of War 2. Instead it should be called "Gears of War: The other half of the Game cause we couldn't fit the whole thing on DVD9".


Tmac3661d ago

Lol, bubbles for funny comment.

n00bzRtehgey3661d ago

that was funny, but I still hate u.

jif863661d ago




Pain3660d ago

waaa waaa wheres my gun?...and a shot of Machismo.... i need to shoot some Space Zombies err ahhh agggg ohes thow a RROD on them KAAAABOOOOOOMMMM!!!!!!!!! who ever said 360's arnt hot bombs....

Kleptic3660d ago

Gears of War: Disc 2

...had to see that coming sooner or later...funny, but still will be a great game...

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AngryHippo3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago ) seems ps3 fans seem to be more interested in Gears of War 2 than the 360 Oh no they are just here to b!tch and moan again.

EDIT: Actually after seeing those screens, i am kind of shocked. They do not do the game any sort of justice. I am kind of surprised that these were actually released. From what i have seen from gameplay vids it looks better than this.

Tmac3661d ago

Yes because the ps3 fans are so scared of Xbox 360.. /sarcasm.

Blademask3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

Its absolutely hilarious and par for the course that you have jumped all over everyone as being Sony Fanboys, then you come to the same conclusion about the screens.

Its not a fanboy issue. Its Epic doing what Epic always does.

Release complete bullshots to wet the appetites of everyone, then the actual game just ends up being yet another Unreal Engine title.

All of the following is "in game" according to epic:

Then what happens when the game comes out?

-Post Processing is dumbed down
-lighting is dumbed down
-Textures are dumbed down
-Polygon count is dumbe down.
-Physics are dumbed down.

Lets consider this is what the models look like without normal maps. not that high poly:

Gears 2 will be a good game. It is not raising any visual bars that haven't already been seen by other titles, and definitely isn't raising the bar for Unreal Engine titles. Don't worry, history will repeat itself again. Gears 2 will sell well, and more and more developers will pick the Unreal engine to bring us even more Unreal Engine looking titles. As far as what we saw with that rock monster, the beautiful lighting and translucency, that clearly wasn't made by any Unreal Engine software.

Epic was never known for their graphic capabilities, but producing a amazingly documented and easy to setup engine. Them being Visual Gods is a new thing, thats only new to this generation of gaming.

dinkeldinkse3661d ago

I don't know about the other people,but I actually want to play Gears 2.

Shroomy3661d ago

Gears 1 was quite different from the preview I saw in 2005.

Games never look as godly as they do in screenshots. But you guys are forgetting one thing, IT'S NOT DONE!

Developers tend to touch the graphics up when, you know, the core gameplay and everything is ready and working?

Gears does look better in motion, from the countless games I've played I can tell you that.

FPS nut3661d ago

Some PS3 fans are scared Tmac because the 360 is the only system pushing and releasing so many games. I'm still waiting for the games I want on my PS3, but the 360 is delivering those games. Don't give me any MGS4 crap ether, because it's clear by the sales numbers that not all PS3 owners care about that game.

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Adriana Lima3661d ago

cause that is embarrassing