NZGamer: Spider-Man: Web Of Shadows Preview

Spidey, Spidey, Spidey! Like most super heroes, this masked crusader has been in more than a couple of rotten videogames. Unlike most though, he has been in a few gems as well. NZGamer are hoping that this will be the one to get our senses tingling!

The Good:
Spidey is one of the less camp superheroes.

The Bad:
Will this game have the same weaknesses as most superheroes?

The Ugly:
Hopefully this doesn't feature emo Peter Parker…

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SmokingMonkey3695d ago

on the basis that it's not based on a MOVIE.
movie games are very rarely any good.

Polluted3695d ago

Maybe these gaming sites should lay off the "previews" until we actually get some new info on the game.

byeGollum3695d ago

is it a multiplatform game? if it turns out well we wish to buy it for our preciouSsSs