Amazing Project CARS vs Real Life Comparison At Laguna Seca

Youtube channel Chris Gamer has recently uploaded a fantastic comparison video of Project CARS versus real-life footage of the world famous Leguna Seca track.

The two minute plus video shows off Project CARS’ amazing bonnet/hood reflections and the impressive detail around the California racetrack.

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creeping judas1330d ago

Wow that's a pretty darn impressive representation of the track!

vishmarx1330d ago

real life gfx card sucks
not enough reflections and lighting is rather poor.

Stapleface1330d ago

The real life devs forgot to add the trees on the hill. Downgrade confirmed.

marloc_x1329d ago

Wii U version looking fine indeed ;)

hay1327d ago

The visuals are mindblowing, but those reflections while amazing in fidelity, are far from realistic(looks more like a mirror than a painted metal sheet).
I'm also disappointed how they compromised physics for the sim-cade'y approach, I mean, seriously, community paid for a simulator, but the 1:20 part makes the car jump like in GT5 which was pretty damn silly even in 2010.

IMO, they went the "follow the leader" route. Took GT, Forza and NFS:SHIFT, combined it resulting in effect was not quite as good as either. Plus solid visuals.

The_Sage1330d ago

Very impressive. I can't wait to get my hands on it.

xfiles20991330d ago

That is awesome was that on PS4 I saw the PS4 Logo at the end.

Edvin19841330d ago

Looking sharp def keep an eye out on this one if you are a racing sim guy.

C L O U D1329d ago

Since my logitech wheels won't get any support on the PS4...

I can do with this on my new built PC :)

TheCommentator1329d ago

Native 4k support for you, sir! I, however, get to sit on a comfy couch.

C L O U D1329d ago


Wish I could say the same...

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