You need To Play Metroid Prime Trilogy

Nintendo Life - Metroid Prime Trilogy is finally here - no longer will you need to trawl eBay for highly priced retail copies, because now you can play three amazing games, in one package, for a much more affordable price. Until 5th February the price is downright outrageous, a promotional cost of $9.99 / €9.99 / £8.99; that's for one of the greatest video game trilogies ever made.

If, somehow, you have never played these games before, now is your chance. Not convinced? Watch this video, where we gush over Metroid Prime Trilogy and explain why this is a gaming experience you cannot miss out on!

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Fro_xoxo1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

Thank God for Nintendo.

They continue to f*ck sh!t up for those selling classic titles for ridiculous prices.

First earthbound, now Metroid.

I'd love to play metroid with gamecube controls. I refuse to play through the pain that comes with motion controls.

Summons751414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

troll much? $10 bucks for not one but THREE games that were printed for a limited time and are pretty expensive to get otherwise, it's a steal for anyone who likes games and has a pulse especially for those who like Metorid or want a way into get into the series. Even at the higher price of $20, that is still a massive steal considering the disc is close to $100

Fro_xoxo1414d ago

huh? I think you missed the point of my post.

I'm glad Nintendo is doing this.

Where are you getting the "troll" crap from?

"They continue to f*ck sh!t up for those selling classic titles for ridiculous prices."

I'm glad. The more the merrier.

Geobros1414d ago

I think its my next game I will play.

GokuSolosAll1414d ago

Well, the first one at least.

acekaze1414d ago

bring last story and you will be my hero nintendo :D

Fishermenofwar1414d ago

I did already...Many times....

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