Saints Row: Gat out of Hell – The Blast Review

The Blast:
Saints Row: Gat out of Hell builds to an impressive peak nearly halfway through it’s five hour campaign. It’s a remarkably fun and admittedly cheesy musical number inspired by the likes of Disney’s Sleeping Beauty and Snow White. Unfortunately though, no other part of the game even comes close to recreating the creativity in this five minute scene. That’s not to say that Gat out of Hell isn’t worth your money — at $20, it’s a fun and carefree violent waste of time, but unfortunately it never really reaches for anything more than that. It recycles a lot of content from Saints Row IV, which was starting to feel old on it’s own right. Fans of the Saints Row series will love Gat out of Hell, it does most of what the series has done well for years and rewards those who understand the series’ mythos with constant in jokes and references but most will be quoting the game’s protagonist and wondering “is that all hells got?”

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