Dying Light PC vs PS4 vs Xbox One Graphics Comparison

Watch a new video showing a graphics comparison between the PC, PS4 and Xbox One versions of Dying Light.

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vishmarx1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

something that costs more outperformed something thats costs less
you figured that out all by yourself?

Septic1414d ago

"something that costs more outperformed something thats costs less
you figured that out all by yourself? "

Err yeah but we know that doesn't always work that way. The X1 used to cost more than the PS4 and the latter console ran games better?

What is it with people who downplay the PC on the cost basis?

TheWackyMan1414d ago Show
breakpad1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

the only reason to include PC into the mix is give an escape justification for the inferior console port (usually Xbox's) ...because a direct comparison between consoles would be more obvious blow for the inferior console is a new trend as when X360 had the superior ports i never saw PC in the comparison

lemoncake1414d ago

At this point last gen the pc couldn't have outperformed the new consoles so easily, last gen the consoles gave us much more bang for our buck especially against the expensive PCs. This gen is strange how the pc is well ahead of the consoles straight out of the gate, it just wasn't the case last gen and took the PC quite a while to catch up.

Magnes1414d ago

@lemoncake Makes you wonder about the next gen after this one will a $200 pc out perform both PS and XB I'm not working with a crystal ball but a trend is a trend.

user55757081414d ago

clearly the WiiU version looks the best

vishmarx1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

lol look at all the offended pc fanboys.

thats funny, so according to you pc standard during last gen launch year and a half was 540p(consoles were 720p or less and you said it took a while to catch up)
and by 2014 all of you had 4k and 1080p was last gen?
im sure it sounded a lot less ridiculous in your head while you wrote that.
crysis released in 2007 and was a benchmark for quite some time,hardly any console game of the ps360 gen got there ever in its lifecycle . so no, high quality pc games perfectly existed even at launch.nobody is downplaying your precious pc, but these comparisons are nothing more than a circlejerk for you pc fanboys
a train will always outrun a car and nobody bothers to prove otherwise.but you sound like a lunatic when you laugh at the car for not outpacing the train.

get this game working with 30 fps at 1080p on a new $200 pc with peripherals and i will never show my face on this site again.the goddamn card listed in the min reqs alone puts you down by $200.
your trend is ass.
go get educated before posting trends on the internet.

NuggetsOfGod1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

Lmao if xbox looks similar to ps4 it's parity
If ps4 is close to pc ps4 is just a beast lol


Why are sony offended by the idea of pay more to get more?

I am willing to pay twice the price of ps4 for twice the framerate and twice the resolution.

Why are there never fram rate comparisons?

Ps4 gamers come to love graphics more than anyone lol

Frame rate is seens irrelevant to sony fans.

Witcher 3 has frame drops and is "aiming for 30fps" according to cdpr
Planetside 2 has 1200 players and is 30fps less now on Sony's toaster.

Let's see ps4 compete with star citizen?
Dying light is a console port nothing more.

While sony fans boast about 1080p 24 - 30fps games I am playing 1440p 60fps+ because I am serious about great gaming experiences.

If u can't afford I understand. But I have higher standards for gaming.

Why do people down play that? Should I wait 16-20 from ps3 to ps5 for 60fps and pay for backwards compatibility and online? lol idiots.

4k Dx12 generation is coming and yes it cost more than $400

hiredhelp1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

You know what why dont you think about this before slamming PC cost.
Man builds a £800 / $1000 PC Console guy sais why pay soo much Its a investment.
Console guy walks away very happy with what he has 6 yrears later console guy bumps into PC guy hey i know you hows PC yeh great thanks how about you yeh man good here too just got latest console got great deal when traded in my old one and all my games.
PC Guy sais thats cool Im happy for ya console guy curious to know how investment was?
PC as expected Free online saved £40/$60 a year x6 plus super 50% to 80% soff steam deals over course 6 years Ive paid off my PC and still able play games ive bought.

Fact is you put into a pc as much as you want but be snart about it hardware can pay for itself. Not being a Ass Im lucky have both platforms but this whole $2000 pc and pc elitist thing all crap If the both guys happy with there purchase who cares everyone wins.

lemoncake1414d ago

@vishmarx you do realise that the xbox 360 launched in 2005 and not 2007, why compare launch games to a game that was released 2 years later? In 2005 you are comparing kameo to something like black and white 2 and think we also had doom 3 on pc that year. Kameo was just beautiful, I don't know what res it ran at or fps as no one cared at that point last gen.

ShottyGibs1414d ago

Well it's a graphics comparison video after all..
Not a price comparison video

Patrick_pk441414d ago

I built two PCs this past year. Both in total costed me around $1000-2000. Three monitors, ULTRA, 60FPS+ and I will save more money than I would have purchasing a next-gen console with games. The Steam sales and sales in general save a ton of money, also piracy itself. I also own a PS4 and PS3, but those are solely used for exclusives. Building a PC costs more money upfront, but saves more in the long run than a console. You'll spend more on a console than I will on my PC, which can also be used for multiple uses. Keep crying.

starchild1414d ago

See, that is such a fanboy way of looking at things. You are so wrapped up in the console war nonsense that you seem to think these comparisons are some kind of competition and that they therefor need to be "fair". Your identity is so tied to your favorite console that it bothers you when it doesn't "win", so you make excuses for why it didn't "win".

But that's not what these comparisons are about. They are a factual comparison between two or more versions of a game. They are simply reporting what the differences are, not trying to provide some kind of "value" oriented judgement of which platform is the better bang for your buck or anything like that.

A value judgement is going to include many other considerations and will be highly subjective anyway. The purpose of these comparisons is to provide factual information, which people can use how they see fit.

AndrewLB1414d ago

you can keep repeating that but it doesn't make it true. The actual cost of a PS4 is $700-$800 since you have to pay for the online service every year, and for that price you can build a PC that would destroy the PS4. I could also factor in how PC games are substantially cheaper, so much so that over the 6-8 years till PS5 is released, it will easily add up to hundreds of dollars.

And stop f**king down-bubbling me for stating the truth. Try refuting what I said instead of acting like a bunch of fascists and silencing me through this stupid bubble system.

UltraNova1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

Ehh this guy^^^ has obviously, never thought that its what and HOW he says shit that gets him downvoted and not these 'bubble fascists'.

Oh my...

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masterfox1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

hahah PC outshined both ?, yeah I know a 1000 rig it supposed to outshined the "konsole" easely but is pretty obvious that this comparison fails to do so, if you are nitpicking and call that outshines is even more failure by your comment XD

But don't worry is just another hater gonna hate comment by some PC only gamers oh well ;)

This video only proves again that is not worth right now to build a powerful gaming PC

someone hurt below me lol, at least put a list of what components you need to consider to build a proper PC gaming that it will last you the 5 following years, and NO is not cheap since I build my own gaming rig in the past, you are just another denial PC gamer that don't want to appreciate the price/performance of what the new consoles have achieve mainly the PS4.

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jackanderson19851414d ago

i've had my gaming rig for about 3 years now didn't cost 1k to build and it'll outperform the PS4/X1 for a good few years i suspect... also if i did need to upgrade a part i'm pretty sure it'll be cheaper than the next set of consoles that get released and will likely still be outperforming it.

don't get me wrong i prefer consoles over gaming for a number of reasons, but you can easily get PCs that outperform the consoles (digital foundry built one for less cost than the ps4 and x1 that gave comparable result)

Caffo011414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

and your 455 bucks assembled pc will never beat a console. I know i can build a 600 bucks pc that will outperform PS4 easily but not this one. you have to count the games optimization of fixed hw. A pc with comparable or little better specs won't outperform ps4 or xb1.

Clown_Syndr0me1414d ago

@TDBtrl Well, enjoy playing Uncharted 4, Blood borne, Forza, Drive Club etc on your cheap PC.
Oh wait.
Stop bashing people for liking consoles, if you want your opinion to be respected then start respecting other people's!

1414d ago
fergy99011414d ago


A PC for 455 bucks without a motherboard. Fascinating.

1414d ago
BVFTW1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

Almost everyone I know has a desktop PC at home, so taking that in to consideration you can cannibalized your old PC adding these components:

Motherboard: Gigabyte AM3+ AMD DDR3 1333 760G HDMI USB 3.0 Micro ATX
price: 50- 60$

CPU: AMD FD6300WMHKBOX FX-6300 6-Core 3.5 to 4.1 GHZ Processor Black Edition (comes with heatsink)
price: 99$

Sapphire Radeon R9 280 3GB GDDR5 Price: 220$ or the new GTX 960 for 200$

8GB Kingston Ram for 50 bucks as suggested by @TDBtrl

for a total upgrade of: the R9 system: 419-429$ or the GTX system for: 399- 409$

You can use your old ps3-xbox 360 controllers and your 1080p tv set as a monitor, take into consideration that you don't need to pay the extra 50$ annually for the online sub so this array is a terrific deal!

This comment of mine is made as a suggestion that building a great PC to go along with your console(s) of choice is not that big of an investment and you will also save some bucks on your multiplataform games (beware of the steam sales younglings) XD

fergy99011414d ago


... and no cooling. tut tut, your superb pc will last minutes ;)

bubblebobble1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

TDBtrl your comments are not worth the time you placed into writing them when the ps4 7870 is nearly 40% faster than 260x without the ps4 optimization if your going to write a detailed account of a pc thats better price performance than ps4 at least dont look stupid and get it wrong and jackanderson1985 please tell me your 3 year old pc that outperforms a ps4 that didnt cost you $1000 or do yuo mean you dream its better a 3 year old $1000 pc is not going to even be faster enough to play witcher 3 so out performing ps4 when it wont even play games stupid again i thought pc nerds where supposed to be intelligent

BVFTW1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )


If you want to troll someone you should educate yourself first, the A8 5500 comes with a heatsink + fan

Gosh these is my last comment, the bubble system is awfull, this is my last input on this thread, play nice fellow gamers, gaming ftw ;)

@Fergy9901 you're right on that, the chip is pricer and is also an apu and the initial price was around 120$, but is not that dificult to find it at a lower price nowdays but not at 60$, it's on the used market that it goes for 60$.

fergy99011414d ago


yes - my bad, I can see it does indeed come with HS/F. Though the price of the CPU is considerably more than @TDBtrl quoted.

BattleTorn1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )


I have a PC, and if the community wasn't enough to drive me away, the performance of games was.

You know, there's a piece of mind to be had with consoles - knowing there is no tinkering possible.

Where as on my PC, the setting may been above, fps higher, but the performance is all over the place.

If I wanted to game Dying Light on my PC, I'd definitely have to upgrade my GPU - and I wouldn't be considering anything less than a $300-400, for sake of longevity.

And while you call us for being idiots, really the fool is whoever thinks a $455 PC isn't going to be a basket of headaches, and outdated in 1 year.
Also, I entered each and every part you listed into - every price you listed was 25% under, 50% in some cases.

Matter of fact, I'm gonna re-calculate the entire build - the best I can.

"AMD A8 5500 4 Core 3.2GHz = 60 bucks" (acutally $89.99)
"8GB Kingston Ram = 50 bucks" (actually $74.99)
"R7 260X = 90 bucks" (actually $109.99)
Pioneer Blu-Ray Drive = 30 bucks (actually $44.99)
Corsair VS450 Power Supply = 40 bucks
Rosewill PC case = 40 bucks
Logitech Wireless Controller = 40 bucks
Windows 7 64 Bit Professional = 40 bucks (actually $99.99)
Seagate 1TB Momentus 7200rpm HD = 40 bucks (5400rmp*, actually $79.99)
Logitech Keyboard/Mouse Combo = 25 bucks

hmmm, already that's looking more like a $600 build.

Dynasty20211414d ago

PC outshines both:


I'll just let you try and, you know, get out of this one somehow.

Explain THAT.

Psychotica1414d ago

Why do people always mention the price of PC's? One of the primary benefits of a PC is I don't have to replace the entire thing when I upgrade. I am still using the same case, same power supply etc that came with my computer 7 years ago. Three years ago I swapped out the cpu, video card and added more RAM. I plan on doing that again in the Spring.

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Ikki_Phoenix1414d ago

like we care 1 and 2 it will sale double on consoles

Ps4andxb11414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

No. It stutters and has performance issues. Just like a lot of other PC games.

Console version is superior.

rawrock1414d ago

Exactly, the console version runs so much smoother than the pc version.

MelvinTheGreat1414d ago

Wrong on so many levels. If you look at yhe pc version the draw distance is mich better while the consoles version, it looks like legos in the distance, plus the 30fps on console

PC >>> ps4, xbone

ShottyGibs1414d ago

As in "24fps filmic effect" kind of superior. Good one.. oh sooo smooth

Love your PC troll history by the way. Epic fail. Shame you can't reply... 1 bubble n'all

rawrock1414d ago

Definitely not in smoothness. The PC version is plagued with performance issues, surprise surprise...

Stapleface1414d ago

Drop the textures to medium, fixes the drop issues. It's a dev issue not a hardware issue. Some devs just need to get better at pc. For some, it's a non issue. The games I play on pc don't have performance issues, surprise, surprise? That's the beauty of options, and settings.

starchild1414d ago

It runs a lot better on my GTX 970 and gsync monitor than on either console, I can assure you.

blakstarz1414d ago

That's a given, nothing new.

Magicite1414d ago Show
UKmilitia1414d ago

background distance detail pc way more detailed but it looks good on all systems imo.

frostypants1414d ago

"PC outshines both"

...on some PCs.

underwaves751414d ago

spend 349 on an Xbox One OR 600 and up on a PC that can do what looks like pretty much the exact same thing.... I guess the choice is a personal one.

jc121414d ago

I don't see HUGE differences, but there are differences nonetheless. Perhaps the most noticeable difference for me is in the texture department. The PC has sharper/clearer textures on almost everything - especially the exterior of houses. This becomes apparent at the 26 second mark of the video.

1414d ago
TheXgamerLive1413d ago

Actually no. The Xbox One version seemed to out shine both. Their was one point I saw a better look on PC but it's not a graphic thing they were all equal, it's a lighting issue and they Xbox One had better lighting, the PS4 did seem to suffer a bit in some detail though, but that was also limited. Basically it's all good.

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Fro_xoxo1414d ago

You need to see each version in person to tell the difference. . even then, it isn't worth it.

Septic1414d ago

Yeah. Hardly any material difference here to affect your enjoyment of the game (visually anyway)

BC_Master_Haze1414d ago

Then it just comes down to price

Summons751414d ago

game looks good but what is setting it apart from being just another generic zombie game with generic brown palette?

menghina1414d ago

not bad , anyways got my PS4 mostly for exclusive games can't wait for The Order and Bloodborne :D

Fro_xoxo1414d ago

I'll be getting one too
for exclusive titles..

Ikki_Phoenix1414d ago

no surprises again for consoles

rawrock1414d ago

Xbox One is better as it has the better controller and interface. Graphics are basically the same on both, with some games running better on PS4 and some better on Xbox One.

hello121414d ago

I had my first go at playing games on the PS4. A friend brought his PS4 over and i tried it out.

First impressions the menus are hard to navigate. To be honest what is the rubbish about x box 1 been hard to navigate i found it worse on PS4. The x box 1 is more flashy and modern i know for a fact now thats true after seeing the PS4 UI.

I was surprised by the sound. The PS4 sound quality coming out off my tv seemed better to me.

The PS4 controller is not as good as the x box 1 controller just have to hold the two of them in your hand and you'll notice fairly quickly the superior build quality for the x box 1 controller.

Games my friend only had Fifa 15 and Minecraft and i can't judge image quality on this. When he gets more games i be able to judge better.

roland821414d ago

You guys must be wearing fanboy glasses because the ps4 and xbox one are identical

jc121414d ago

@Roland: I think they look the same too.