Despite trailing Sony and Microsoft, Nintendo is still a winner

MWEB GameZone writes: "Regardless of what happens with the Wii U, Nintendo has until 2075 to make course corrections to its strategy. Can Sony or Microsoft say the same?."

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CongoKyle1418d ago

2075? :O I'm more than certain they can.

breakpad1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

where is the winner ?? in gimmicky kids accessories-toys and controllers? yes there they are everywere else in gaming they are pathetic

vishmarx1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

its funny when consumers care more about a company's future than what its providing them in the present.yes nintendo will live till 2075.will you?does it make your purchase of a wii u better?how so?
is the wii u a great primary system for you?
if yes youre the WINNER
if not NINTENDO is the loser.

as long as there is choice in the market,MY WINNING is all that matters to me
and please cut it with the sales numbers crap. wii u exclusives have quality but 1 company cannot run a console alone.5-8 games a year pathetic no matter how good they are.ps4/xb1 already have way more million sellers and watchdogs/destiny sold about as much as smb wii u on ps4 and xb1 respectively.
nintendo is lacking in the 3rd party side and thats that. no way im giving them a free pass regardless of what my opinion on their exclusives is.

as a game developer, they are in top shape. even though i dont give a crap about most of their ips(barring zelda/xenoblade) , theres no denying theres a huge audience that loves them and theyre doing it right.on the console front , their losers.
selling gimmick controllers and toys to cash in on nostalgia isnt winning, its desperate cheap business.
theres a good reason why wii u isnt selling too well.
the wii was a gimmick but it had tons of 3rd party games and variety. wii u , for anyone who doesnt enjoy mario and related games, is absolutely useless

Jdoki1418d ago

There's two important factors here.

1. Are Nintendo making enough money to continue to fund current and future hardware and software.

2. Are they making the games I want to play.

It seems the answer to 1 is yes, and the answer to 2 is definitely.

Nintendo make the games I like, and 5-8 per year is enough on a Nintendo console for me. I also have the other consoles and a PC too, so I'm not missing out on anything.

This whole thing about 'winner' is ridiculous.

Imalwaysright1418d ago

"everywere else in gaming they are pathetic"

And yet Nintendo has the best 1st party games out of the big 3.

Septic1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )


"and please cut it with the sales numbers crap. wii u exclusives have quality but 1 company cannot run a console alone.5-8 games a year pathetic ......"

Not really. The Wii U isn't designed to be a standalone console. And those 5-8 games have longer legs and better quality (objective reviews etc + subjective tastes) than the vast majority of the ones that appear on the X1/PS4.

"as a game developer, they are in top shape. even though i dont give a crap about most of their ips(barring zelda/xenoblade) ,"

Yeah that's the thing, you aren't a fan of their I.P's but many are and they are top of the game like you admit. So what's the problem? Their 'toys and controllers' shouldn't be an issue for you.

"wii u , for anyone who doesn't enjoy mario and related games, is absolutely useless"

Right but that's just downplaying the immense quality of their games. The Mario paltformers are best of class. Zelda is on another level. Even Metroid is amazing and unique as a FPS. Xenoblade, a JRPG, looks amazing. Why are you focusing on the mascot and not the genres in which these games feature?

For someone who has no interest whatsoever in the Wii U and its games, you seem to rather critical of the console. I just don't think you get it.

I love all 3 consoles but by far, the Wii U has given me and my friends the most enjoyment. Its the console you play when your mates are around. No other console can contest the Wii U when it comes to couch co-op or arguably its first party standing.

Magicite1418d ago

There are different kinds of wins/successes - commercial, financial or winner of public acknowledgement.

TheAmazing_OMEGA1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

Nintendo Wins because its one of the only constant things in the industry.

i was watching a podcast the other day and they were talking about how they no longer pre-order games, i began thinking about why since i often pre-order games because i'm going to get them anyway, why not get some free stuff with it? right?

anyway they said that the reason for this was that they aren't confident in doing so. they don't want to pre-order games and be sold a broken game that requires a handful of updates to fix. its just not worth it.

anyway, as other companies push the consumer around with broken games, games that don't live up to the expectations set by marketing, micro-transactions, DLC that isn't worth what they charge for it ect.

i've almost always been confident that Nintendo will sell me a complete product at a fair price and DLC that is worth the amount i spend on it.

and as other companies slowly ruin consumer relations by focusing on gaining as much money as possible instead of shipping a solid, finished product, i can remain confident in pre-ordering nintendo games because i know i'm guaranteed to be sold a complete game.

idk what i'm saying... i must be high lmao, but i think its all true

Madock1418d ago

Gimmick is what makes a video game console
Without them you would have had a PC box that connects to a monitor and some basic controller with directional buttons

In my eyes, that's what the PS4 and the XBone are, they are mid range PCs sold at lower price with a subscription to make up for the low price and ridiculously more expensive games (compared to PC equivalent that has much better options and more work put into them)

It's no different when a mobile operator gives u a new phone on a plan and u only pay a small price for it (to start with) only to find urself paying double in a year's time in ur monthly contract.

While Nintendo sells u cheap hardware to play their games that u can't have anywhere else...way better deal here

NintendoSonyfan1417d ago

Those gimmicks you refer to. Are we talking about Kinect/PS Move? Or maybe rumble controllers? How about online services for consoles which Nintendo started? Maybe you are referring to videogames in general which are a gimmick? You insult Nintendo for their gimmicks but then jump in head first when Sony and MS announce their gimmicks (watching TV on your TV through your console for example). Sony and MS are probably working on their own Amiibos right now.

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SonZeRo1418d ago

Interesting read, but that doesn't make it a winner. Winner is the one who is in first place at the end and since this is a race with no end declaring a winner is pointless. I despise this "everyone is a winner" stance everyone seems to be going for these days, the person in last place is not the last winner, they are the loser.

wonderfulmonkeyman1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

Except there's more than one way to determine who's last and who's first.
The number of consoles sold, is only one aspect of how well a gaming company is doing.

And whether you're sick of it or not, Nintendo is definitely not a loser as far as profits or game acclaim/awards goes.

bouzebbal1418d ago

to me a winner is the console i spend most of my time playing. Right now it's still PS3, and Wii U follows. It's not about sales, it's enjoyment. this is nothing objective i will agree with you on it.
Dreamcast won the hearts of millions of gamers and many still prefer it to PS2. I spent some memorable moments playing on it and that beast delivered in games every single month.

Jdoki1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

A company measures itself on profit first and foremost - and as long as Nintendo, MS and Sony are making enough profit to continue making software and hardware, then I don't care which one is 'the winner'.

Every single generation since the N64 we hear these arguments about 3rd party support, sales numbers, and how it's a kiddie console - and yet every generation Nintendo continues to do their thing and not give a shit about the rest.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1418d ago

so if I finish a test before everyone I won.
It's not about performance?

I guess all Wii haters were scared to admit the Wii won.

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1418d ago
Gears_President1418d ago

Well, everyone gets a trophy now.

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