GTA 5: Game Vs. Reality Comparison Images Are Incredible

Check out some side-by-side images that show how much effort Rockstar Games truly put into the title.

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brianunfried1386d ago

GTA V is better that real life.

ChronoJoe1386d ago

It would if reality were always out of focus... thankfully my reality is not.

1386d ago
BC_Master_Haze1386d ago (Edited 1386d ago )

That's something I really liked about alien isolation, the scanner could be the focus of your vision, or what's around you, but not both.

Edit: If that's what you meant, if not then my bad lol :D

ChronoJoe1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

What I meant was many of the comparison pictures are for 'real life' have their backgrounds out of focus. It sort of skrews the comparisons.

Obviously however, the comparison does demonstrate the attention to detail Rockstar have made in replicating aspects of the city.

TheCommentator1386d ago

Where are the comparison screens of strip clubs, hookers, bongs, dead bodies, etc?

xabmol1386d ago (Edited 1386d ago )

A link to a link?! WTF?

Did you really need us to go through Gamespot just to read the 3 sentences (THREE FUCKn' SENTENCES!!) about how we should go to see the actual pics??


Just go here:

BongSmack1385d ago

I'm looking forward to GTA V as much as the next person, but what exactly is incredible about this? They made some in game buildings and land marks that are similar too the real thing? So? Other games have done that before. And it's not like the graphics are cutting edge, or even remotely close to cutting edge. You'd have to have horibble vision to look at these comparisons and think "which one is real and which one is in game." Waste of Dave's time for writing this article, waste of mine for reading it.

A2X_1385d ago

This comparison is a disgrace to the history of comparisons.