Fan-made animated short pays tribute to MGS

PS3 Fanboy Write

"This fan made animated short was created by a group of creative and really bored minds called the Duo Group. Titled Metal Gear Solid: Cold Blooded, we're taken through quite an impressively produced piece that pays tribute to the Metal Gear Solid series -- specifically the era of games in which you play as Big Boss. We liked it very much and thought all of you would like to watch it as well. Enjoy."

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Nitrowolf23729d ago

That was well made
anyone know where i can get a download?

Tacki3729d ago

I'm sure you could get it elsewhere as well... but if you join Vimeo you can download it there. It's free.

dude_uk3729d ago


that was awesome...
loved the codec ending xD

props to this guy

El_Colombiano3729d ago

No no no! This is all wrong! Snake isn't The Boss! He is Big Boss! Otherwise, it was a great video. Loved the twist. That kind of stuff is what made the Metal Gear Solid series so great!