Dragon Ball Xenoverse is 10GB on PS4

Digital pre-orders are now available on the European PlayStation Network for both the PS4 and PS3.

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BitbyDeath1355d ago

"Join 200+ players around the world in the Toki Toki City hub and fight with or against them, and compete in online tournaments!"

Good, good. Of course this will include 7 or more different versions of Goku but whatevs.

Will get my preorder down soon.

yuukiliu1355d ago

47 playable characters ., pretty small number considering the games on ps2 had over 100.

Foraoise1355d ago

This isn't including transformations, while those ones had.

BitbyDeath1355d ago

That list was incorrect.
Giveaway being Android 16 missing from the list.
(He is obviously already confirmed and a major part of DBZ)

badboyz091355d ago

I already have my 2tb ps4


tanukisuit1355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

@ BitbyDeath
The wonderful world of DBZ:


Foraoise1355d ago

What about the USA PSN?

LexHazard791355d ago

We don't matter as much anymore. Lol...