World Of Warcraft Community Rallies Around Father Of Former Player Lost To War

The World of Warcraft community showed their character today by rallying around to help a new 50 year old player with a touching backstory.

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Snookies121418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

Man, that's just awesome... I rarely get on WoW these days, as I used to be an avid player back around Burning Crusade... This is really nice to see though. Especially considering I quit because of all the negative people I kept getting grouped with. I just found it wasn't fun to play anymore because of all the people that took stats over strategy.

This however restores my faith a bit... Makes me think back to my early days in the game, when people were helpful and friendly. Groups got to know each other, and you actually made friends even if it was through an online game. (None of this cross-realm insta-grouping where you'll go through an instance one time with someone and never see them again.) I hope he keeps on playing WoW, and grows to love it as much as I did in my time spent with the game.

plsburydoughboy1418d ago

It seems the game needs a return to that culture of helpfulness to bring more people in and keep them playing. There are certainly enough older active players.