Breaking Down The New Trailer Vs Actual Gameplay For The Order:1886 From Someone Who Has Played It

Skewed and Reviewed have posted some audio commentary that breaks down the new trailer for the game as well as discusses how it compares to the builds they have played to date.

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LordMaim1387d ago

Breaking Down The New Trailer Vs Actual Gameplay For The Order:1886 From Someone Who Has Played **the Demo**.


Garethvk1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

Not a demo, a beta and a build 8 weeks from launch. And yesd while not the full game, I have played it mutiple times in multiple builds so I have seen it from
A build last August to a build just a couPle weeks ago so I think I can at least talk about a trailer made from a non final build and compare it to builds I have played.

WeirdShroom1387d ago

I'm going to have a hearty chuckle in a week or so when I peek back here and see all the downvotes. Logic is the enemy of the spinsters.

Neixus1387d ago

Do you know what a demo stands for?


Ron_Danger1387d ago

"Breaking Down The New Trailer Vs Actual Gameplay For The Order:1886 From Someone Who Has Played **the Demo**.

Fixed" - as written by someone who only reads headlines, lays out their jump to conclusion mat, then completes reactionary comment...

Super fixed!!!!!!

LordMaim1386d ago

You means listened to the podcast, don't you?
Because I did. Did you?

He played it at PAX Prime, and again at CES.
Demos. Not the full game.

If you're not convinced, look at the author's own comment above "And yesd while not the full game..."

So perhaps Ron_Danger you'd best put away your own "jump to conclusions mat" before attacking me for stating facts.

GribbleGrunger1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

Here's a shot of a more open area:


You can go left and right but I can't see any stairs ...

And a bonus shotgun gif for he hell of it:

Ron_Danger1387d ago


Stop posting actual photographs of turn of the century London...


MasterCornholio1387d ago



Those are not in game anyways. I just posted concept art of the open area.

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BigShotSmoov0071387d ago

The one thing that would stop me from buying this game and I'm waiting to hear is how long is the campaign? With no multiplayer at all, this game better not be less than 10 hours of gameplay or else it's not worth $65. I will not buy any single player only game that doesn't put the effect to give that game legs. I did that with Infamous which was about 5 hours of gameplay and I did it with Ryse which was about the same, I refuse to pay that much again for a short single player experience, no matter how gorgeous the game might look.

vishmarx1387d ago

1. this game is 12+
2. infamous is not 5 hours unless youre speedrunning through the story, in which case 90% of the games are less than 5 hours

BigShotSmoov0071387d ago

The story in Infamous was 5 to 6 hours tops without speedrunning. The side missions were quick and dull like finding a hidden camera and all you had to do was look up and there it was. Where did you hear that the story in The Order was 12 hours plus?

soul-assassin-1387d ago

i cant remember the source where i read.But it said it was 12 hours if you took your time, and 8-10 if you rushed through

BC_Master_Haze1387d ago

5 hours on the lowest difficulty, if you really really try to hurry. That's like the minimum speed run time

Bathyj1387d ago

You play a game like infamous in 5 hours, as quick as you can obviously, and then whine that games aren't long enough? I spent more than 5 hours spray painting walls.

You can't guzzle a jug of milk and then complain there's no milk for your coffee. I took weeks before I finished off the story in infamous, then I played it 3 more times because it was fun.

So glad there's no multiplayer.

BigShotSmoov0071386d ago

Dude you have no idea how I played Infamous. I played the game on the hardest difficulty and the game was a breeze. Infamous isn't the hardest game in the world cause the more you power up, the easier the game gets on the hardest difficulty. The spray painting was the only interesting side mission to do as the others were pointless, quick and dull so I just stopped doing them after awhile. The drug bust didn't do anything to advance you, the hidden camera literally took 10 seconds to a minute to complete and the hidden agents just got boring to do. Plain and simple it was a short game that took 5 to 6 hours to beat on the hardest difficulty but that's nice you tried your best to stretch it out as much as possible, good for you.

LamerTamer1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

Actually 10 hours is pretty short too. Any decent SP-only game should be at least 30 hours otherwise it is a ripoff. Then there is the fact that it isn't full HD and is only rendering 800 lines instead of full 1080p. It should be a full 1080p to be considered good graphics, otherwise they are cheating. You could make it look even better if it was 480 lines, where to stop?

XanderZane1387d ago

The cinematics and story seems to be on point, that's for sure. Love the music and voice acting as well. "Stopped for a Pint, did ya?" The gameplay may be hit or miss for some gamers who play it. I'm still on the fence right now, but leaning more to getting it on day one as I see more and more of the game. The game still looks like it will be great fun and that's the important part.

GamesGamesGames1387d ago

Is this another the order hate campaign?

Let's hate on the order because it's not an open world game and because it is story driven and has QTE. Oh and don't forget about the fact that it doesn't have MP. Eventhough everybody hates on Tomb Raider for example because it came with MP.... Oh and it doesn't have coop - because suddenly everybody seems to care about coop...

I haven't played the game yet but I think I will love it for being a linear, story driven, SP experience. I'm done with open world games atm. There are so many and I can't hold up with them anymore and they take so much time to explore. Seriously - who has time to complete all these open world games.

And since when is instadeath sonething bad? Nobody seems to have a problem with that in other games.

I'm really starting to hate this community...

GribbleGrunger1387d ago

'If you're happy with a game where you can only go side to side, duck up and down, or if you you're happy with a game where you run up and down stairs turn right ...'

What the hell is this guy talking about? Why is this game getting broken down into its component parts like this? I've never seen the like before for any other game.

BigShotSmoov0071387d ago

People always putting higher expectations on games nowadays that's just dumb. People just can't play and enjoy games for what they are anymore that's why I don't listen to reviews on games on any website anymore cause it's their job to nitpick a game to death. My only concern with the game is the length of the story and the game. If it's a short campaign then I'm passion on it until they lower the price but if it's a 10+ campaign then I'll pick it up.

Clogmaster1387d ago

It's like hating on all first person shooters because all you do is aim a crosshair and push the shoulder buttons on your controller.


MasterCornholio1387d ago

OMG that is so dumb.


The hate on this game is unbelievable.

Garethvk1387d ago

I think it has become fashionable for some to bash Sony simply as they are the one in the top spot now.

pyramidshead1387d ago

It's like breaking down any game into its most skeletal mechanics. Turns any game into ridiculously simplistic actions.

Seems to be a popular thing for the media and certain people to do with Sony exclusives. I don't know why.

Letthewookiewin1387d ago

Such a pointless article/speech whatever you want to call this. It offered nothing new. I can't wait to go left and right, ooohhhh and maybe up too if the game lets me!! Might even pause a couple times....

TrollityTroll1387d ago

I'd hate to see this guy review a racing game.
Are you happy with a game where you can just go forward and back, left and right? A game where you just press a button to speed up and another button to slow down? I'm not 1/10"

Seriously, the game is great (this is from someone who has played it as well. Game lock-ins were on tonight across the UK for this and Bloodborne). If you enjoy Gears only your own personal bias will prevent you from enjoying this.
And after playing it myself these kinds of articles are even more obvious in their agenda.

I challenge the author to do something. Name one single game that can't be broken down into "go side to side, go forward and back". Try that then you'll realise just how absurd your article actually is.
And when more people actually get to play this game themselves your credibility with just continue to fall (not that it's much to begin with considering the absurdity of this article)

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