Life is Strange Episode 1 PS4 Review: 'Chrysalis' (PlayStation Universe)

PSU reviews the first episode of Life is Strange.

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LightDiego1270d ago

I wonder if it will have that scene with Jared Leto?
Anyway....looks interesting.

JMaine5181270d ago

I think I'll check it out tomorrow.

Eyesoftheraven1269d ago (Edited 1269d ago )

The writing is really weird at times, particularly during critical moments. For example: (SPOILER ALERT!)

In the early gun confrontation restroom scene, after figuring out a way to resolve the situation in a way that the girl doesn't get shot, Nathan simply leaves while remarking "Ugh, another bad day!"

Do I even need to justify why the principle's reaction to Max revealing what she witnessed is completely irrational? There's even a poster across the hall enforcing a strict no Guns/weapons policy Why didn't she think to take a photo of the crime taking place? After rewinding time, Max is able to keep newly acquired physical possessions, like the conveniently placed hammer used to set the alarm.

Life certainly is strange if you live where these characters do.

s45gr321269d ago

Can't wait to play this game

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