The Witcher 3 - First Play I Expansive

Stirling Castle, cradled defensively by the steep cliffs of Castle Hill, still stands as proudly and prominently as it did during the 15th Century. This beautiful, high-rise area, has seen the coronation of Mary Queen of Scots, eight major sieges, and even association with King Arthur himself. So it’s little wonder that CD Projekt RED have used it as a source of inspiration for the crown-jewel of their globally renowned Witcher trilogy.

Despite being the pride of Poland, Scottish ambiance is prevalent throughout The Witcher 3, not just with its beautiful vistas and snow-capped scenery, but in narration as well. The Witcher 3 has a solid cast of English, Irish, Scottish and even Welsh voice actors, their guttural tones drawing you into to an age of high fantasy and medieval savagery. This mesh of culture works wonderfully and really sets the scene for something truly special.

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ArchangelMike1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

I'm the kind of player that gets invested in the lore of the games that I play. I love the fact the CDPR give lots of lore to the people and places of the world of the Witcher. It's good to see them reference real world people and places for inspiration.

ALthough I have ot say that I'm still not too sure about the whole "conjunction of the spheres" thing... I hope thy explain it abit more in the Witcher 3.