Star Wars Battlefront Plays Like No Other Shooter; New Concept Art; Game Modes Unique To Maps

Star Wars Battlefront gets brand new concept art and info from DICE.

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DanielGearSolid1412d ago

Its an FPS?


Neixus1411d ago

Well, if it's first person, i hope they don't give the option to have 3rd person aswell.

Imagine playing in first person, and someone in third person, who can see you behind cover and stuff.

The_Sage1411d ago

Battlefront 2 gave the option. I never noticed a problem.

contradictory1411d ago

but that wasn't an problem in
Star Wars: battlefront 2

it's not supposed to be CoD

frelyler1411d ago

The camera angle does not change the trajectory of the shot.

Dudebro901412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

Stop approving this guy. He keeps making stuff up to try and get hits. Notice he changed the story when I called him out on it. I have the pics to prove it.

KnightRobby1412d ago

It was a mis-wording. The EA Executive clearly called Battlefront an FPS game in a meeting. It is rumored to have some sort of third-person component but that is all that is known. All details come straight from DICE's Design Director. Nothing is made up here. Any rumor is stated as such, but this is all official.

detroitmademe1412d ago

my excitement is growing for this

Perjoss1411d ago

I also have things that are growing for this, my excitement is just one of them.

spicelicka1411d ago

Oh you got things groin huh;)

DeadlyFire1411d ago

Plays like no other shooter. Oh damn they are trying to innovate again. Stop trying to kill my spirit for this game!!!!!!!

ps4fanboy1411d ago

The originals were awesome I expect more awesomness.

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The story is too old to be commented.