Yep, It's Time for a New Metroid Prime

With Metroid Prime Trilogy available today on Wii U, The Geek Culture explains why it's time for a new entry in the series.

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Paytaa1297d ago

I played Metroid Prime 2 Echoes so much back in the day and loved every bit of the game. A Wii U would sit comfortably next to my Xbox One and PS4 once they announce a new Metroid.

kwandar1297d ago

Should pick it up for the Trilogy alone.

jcnba281297d ago

I'd kill for another game in the Prime series.

1297d ago
wonderfulmonkeyman1297d ago

Yeah, it's about time we got another entry in the style of the Prime series, at least.
I want the next Metroid on Wii U. Not N3DS.

Coachkeys1297d ago

Makes me wonder what those unreleased games are that Iwata was referring to...

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