Dying Light Review - Nerd Rock from the Sun

Nerd Rock from the Sun writes: "I found myself in the fight for survival that I’d always dreamed about…or had nightmares about…anyway, this is the game that brought them to my awakened state and for that I will be forever grateful!"

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JamesBondage1411d ago

God Dammit Gamefly, you always have to take the full 4 days to deliver a game to my house.. really hope the storm doesnt get in the way of me finally trying this game

isa_scout1411d ago

I know how that goes. If they send me a game on a Monday I usually don't get it until Thursday. I bought this game though, and let me say that you should enjoy it very much. I've spent over 15 hours in it and have only done 7 quests. It's just so easy to get side tracked. Be the Zombie mode doesn't feel tacked on either. It's awesome.

TeamVVV1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

I love games where I can get side-tracked, this seems like a probable buy for me, although I'll probably wait for the disc version.

Which raises an interesting question: When the disc does launch will it be available at a discounted price?