E3: Dud or a Blast?

Kotaku's Brian Crecente writes: "While the show floor, or what there is of a show floor, won't open until Tuesday, there will be plenty of events to look forward on Monday alone. Here's a run down of some of the highlights for the week:"

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QueefyB3667d ago

it will be a dud for microsoft but for sony and nintendo it will be a big success because sony and nintendo have good games and microsoft have lawsuits

Mr PS33667d ago

A Definate Dud for The Bots at E3
They will come away from E3 feeling worse than they do now
But its gonna be a Blast For the Playstation fans at E3 without doubt

GiantEnemyCrab3667d ago

LOL! Why don't the 2 of you look a little more desperate.

You both know that you are worried that nobody is even talking about Sony @ E3 while MS seems to have all the buzz right now. What Sony has on the table we've seen and heard about for the last 2 years.

beavis4play3667d ago

how long have you suffered from delusions?

beavis4play3667d ago

i don't know what would make it a "blast" but i'm looking forward to the info coming from the event. any gamer should enjoy finding out new stuff about the games they're wanting to play.

UnSelf3667d ago

U kno there was a point in time when sayin a ps3 was betta than the 360 was as significant as sayin the yellow starburst was betta than the pink one. But i feel a sense of serenity knowing that i am now aware that im participating and witnessing a revolution, a birth of a champion to rise much like his predecessors. I always felt it in my heart that no matter how much atagonizing verbal beatdowns i received in the early yr of being one of the only ps3 owners i known, that one day this day...this era will come into fruition. I am truly living now. I salute my fellow owners. Game on

RAM MAGNUMS3667d ago

everyone will know just how much more money means to M$ than The Real Video Gamer.
hardcore fans just have to remember, you can't make everyone happy without pi$$in someone else off!
unfortunatly, in this entire gen. M$ never created thier own game.
the biggest sellout was bunjie & M$ cared only about halo until gears showed what we was waiting for: Graphics!
Sad too see halo after gears but m$ should have waited to put gears on before halo.
that led to a hardcore gamers dissapointment as we all thought graphically Halo3 was supposed to be the best.
For some it is as we all started to notice limitations on what wasn't in gears like animation & simple controls.
For me, I couldnt play more for 3 hours without wanting to take a break a play a more serious game like rainbow 6.
m$ brought out the best in DVD coming from a ps2 & well, what else can we say about live???
thing is, I know there is nothing left & I know I can skip a couple of games because one day the price of a xbox360 is gonna cost the price of a phone calling card: $5.00 dollars.
We All Have Been Waiting on PS3!