Blue Estate Finally Coming to Xbox One Eight Months After PS4 Version

Although the game was released all the way back in June on PS4, Blue Estate will finally be coming to Xbox One.

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ValKilmer1415d ago

Man this is like the third time this month the Xbox One version of another game was randomly released way after its initial release on other platforms. What's with that?

BitbyDeath1415d ago

Parity, devs have to ask MS to release it after the fact before they can begin work on it. Otherwise if they say no then the devs just wasted a ton of money for nothing.

gangsta_red1415d ago

Pub fund, Sony gives advancements to indie devs in exchange for exclusivity or timed exclusive rights. After the deal is up then the game can go to which ever system these devs want.

Silly gameAr1415d ago

Pub fund is to fund new games for playstaion platforms. Plus, this game was on PC first.

gangsta_red1415d ago

Uuuum, unless I'm going crazy...this game is not on the PC but is strictly on PS4.

ainTgoTTime2bleed1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

Betterssz latessz dhan neversszz..I guess;)

On a serious note..what the hell happened to you Kilmer? you used to be awesome in Heat;)

Magicite1415d ago

Better later than never? Right?

AngelicIceDiamond1415d ago

At the time they found it easier to release it on PS4 first. MS is still complicated when it comes to indies.

lemoncake1415d ago

Yeah it's incredible how being given money for an 8 month exclusive deal makes things less complicated.

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superchiller1415d ago

Wait, Blue Estate is NOT allowed to be released on XB1 due to the parity clause, someone should let the devs know! They may just be wasting their time getting it ready for the system.

ZeroX98761415d ago

With many games like contrast coming out on the X1 (Which came out console-exclusive to PS first), I think microsoft are changing this policy over time.

When your in lead, it's easy to apply such restrictions, but when trailing behind, might as well take it even if it's a bit later.

I think X1 owners shouldn't be limited in their indie titles because of some stupid parity clause. Let's hope all those exceptions makes Microsoft completely remove such clause.

LexHazard791415d ago you honestly believe that they would make the game without getting ok from MS. Come on guys.

xx4xx1415d ago


IGN and GameSpot each have the game a 3 out 10.

Doesn't sound like Xbox is missing much

BlackTar1871415d ago

I just wish the game wasn't controlled by your controller movement. Unless they changed it. I got it found out the controller thing and quit.

superchiller1415d ago

Actually, its a pretty fun game with the Dualshock 4, controls well, looks great, and is an entertaining on-rails shooter. Don't believe every review you read.

SmielmaN1415d ago

I bought it for $2 or something that cheap around Christmas. Still haven't played it though. But I mean, $2.

WeAreLegion1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

I can't imagine it being very fun without motion control. Still hilarious, but it would be boring with regular controls.

traumadisaster1415d ago

Funny I actually considered this game one of THE ps4 exclusives...

I know it reviewed poorly but I liked the subject material, and that was what most of the reviewers were offended by.

If I can't have a crazy sickaz video game every once in awhile then what is the point of a video game?

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The story is too old to be commented.